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MTF Test is an extremely essential procedure that describes the resolution and performance of an optical system. As the demand for high quality and reliable optical test equipment for a wide range of applications such as augmented reality image waveguide system, liquid lens, cinematography lenses focus setting, anamorphic lenses, etc. is increasing consequently the demand for reputable, professional and experienced MTF Testing is at a constant rise. Hence ensure the image performance by choosing the best company after proper evaluation of reputation, credibility, and performance.

Make the right decision

Manufacturing errors or other potential error such as assembly and alignment errors in the optics can significantly deteriorate the imaging performance of the system hence it is crucial to evaluate the quality of visible and infra-red lenses before introduction to the marketplace. MTF measurement needs both the measurement on the optical axes and in the image field hence to get the best help from a pioneer in the industry that has been serving various companies with their MTF Testing and MTF measurement needs since decades and always strive to live up to the expectation of the customers.

Cutting edge technology

Regardless of the reason you want optical test equipment such as research and development, production testing, etc. renowned manufactures along with MFT testing offer other commonly used optical parameters such as PTF, LSF, EFL, FFL, FOV, Distortion, Field Curvature, relative and absolute transmission. The efficient team works with their adequate knowledge of spectral bands such as Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, etc. and cutting-edge technology works with integration to make each project a grand success and focus on meeting the deadline.

Open communication

Reputable manufacturers value the need for customization of MFT testing benches as they believe Special requirements require special solutions hence offer benches as per the specific needs of their clients. Before taking any unambiguous decision, read the reviews of a few reputable manufacturers and designers in the reliable forum and then decides accordingly.