Refresh Your Website with These Tips

Everyone knows that first impressions matter and these days, the first impression of your business is your website. Websites need to be fast, easy to navigate, and clearly steer traffic towards leads/sales.

Update the Content and Your Info 

The content that you publish is essential. It isn’t only about filling the gaps or optimizing for SEO or keywords. What you post should reflect the vision of your business, and the personality of your team. Have a look at the copy that’s on your site. Is it outdated? Was the last blog written a year ago? An easy way to rejuvenate your website is to add new, fresh content. Make sure that your blogs are relevant to the business, your mission, and your audience. Sprocket Digital is a SEO Auckland specialist agency that can take control of this process on your behalf.

While you’re at it, have a look at your information. Is the contact information correct? Have you moved to a new location? Nothing is more frustrating than when a business is unreachable due to incorrect data listed on their site. Ensure that each email address and phone number is correct and update the biographies of your team with recent headshots.

You want your consumers to have a good user experience. If your website is looking old and has outdated information on it, they might prefer to use a competitor’s services.

Check the Site’s Usability

Does your website work? Dead links can be incredibly frustrating, especially when a user is looking for specific information or a particular product. In fact, your visitors will be quick to leave if your site is unresponsive or difficult to navigate. Make sure to test each link on your website. A site full of unresponsive links loses professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness, and users will quickly move to another service provider within the same industry.

Has your website been optimized for mobile? Any web developer / digital marketer will tell you that if your site hasn’t been optimized for multiple devices (such as Smartphone and tablets) that you’re missing out on traffic, leads, and sales.

Update Your Look

Your site is the face of the company, and you should think of it as your number 1 salesperson; most of your future customers will experience your website before any other aspect of your business. That means that if your site looks old, it’ll be giving the wrong impression to your visitors. Although redesigning or rebranding your website is a risk, ultimately it’ll be good for your image.

As your business evolves, so should your website. There are trends for web design that go in and out of fashion, which means you should keep abreast of how your target audience responds to specific designs. Try out different colours, layouts, and typographies, and see how your users react to it.

Test Third-Party Apps and Extensions

Most businesses have RSS feeds and social media extensions connected to their websites. A great way to spring clean your site is to ensure that all third party website apps and extensions are functioning. That includes spam filters on your comments, on-page analytical tracking tools or any apps your business is affiliated with. These third-party apps and extensions allow users to share your content, which provides an excellent opportunity for growth.

When you’re updating your website, make sure that each app, extension and RSS feed is functional, or you’ll lose traffic, and your lead generation will decrease drastically.


To spring clean your website, you don’t need to perform an entire rebrand. It can be as simple as looking for dead links and fixing any spelling or grammatical errors you find in your online written copy. SEO agencies in Auckland recommend that you make an effort to update your site every few months. Your traffic will increase, your rankings will improve, and your users will keep coming back to your website because navigating it will become a pleasure. Start making the change today!