Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment to Increase Online Store Revenue

One of the few steps is to get your website live (i.e. up and running) when you are ready to sell products to potential customers. The website is the one main container which holds the product. You would package the website with sufficient product details, until you believe visitors coming to your site later will at least get a very good impression about your website and your product, even though most visitors would not have bought anything from your website during their first time visits. To make it easy, many online business owners may simply sign up with Shopify, and use this website builder to quickly launch the website, and mostly without any programming/coding skills. You won’t even have to know anything about web hosting services, as the Shopify services you paid for would have covered all that.

On an ecommerce site (or online store), very often people would pick up a product, put it in a wishlist or a shopping cart, and then leave the product there without actually making payments. Leaving the product there in the cart without attendance is not a crime, but it shows that you are losing a few transactions from your potential customers. But it can be fixed.

The behavior is known as cart abandonment. This would hinder the revenue of the online business. But you can rectify or improve it by setting up a Klaviyo Shopify abandoned cart. The tool allows you to set up a multi-step email campaign. The emails are triggered to send to the users after they have abandoned their cart for a certain amount of time without showing any signs of cleaning their shopping cart, or completing their purchases. You can further segment exactly who you should send the cart abandoned emails to by selecting other conditions that would work with the triggers.

Needless to mention, for the business to continue to gain traction and hopefully revenue, the owners would keep bringing in new visitors to the website through blogging, search engine optimization, social media, video marketing, etc. When marketing budget is allowed, do test the new customer acquisition power of paid advertising that would allow high granularity in segmentation or filtering of targeted traffic, such as paid search through keyword searches, retargeting ads, and more.