Ranking the Essential Accessories Gamers Need: Will Gaming Headset be on the List?

Being a gamer is probably the happiest role in the modern entertainment era. With the impressive growth of both gaming technologies and creativity, there have been over thousands of new titles being launched each year.

The increase in sales of games also has boosted the expansion of another market – gaming accessories. In addition to hardware such as CPUs and graphics cards, other external parts like a headset and a keyboard are also helpful. They can either improve your performance in playing or provide you with a more aesthetic look and showcase your taste. You don’t need to be an eSports competitor to take your machine seriously. It’s much fun to put all your favourite components together for that extra advantage.

Today, let’s take a look at what are the five most important accessories for you to enhance your experience and truly ‘up your game’.

  1. Gaming headset

Let me put this straight, gaming headset is the most important accessory. It can bring the whole experience to another level for many reasons.

The sound in games is equally important to the graphics it provides. Recent 3A games entries have offered great score like “Red Dead Redemption 2”. An excellent quality gaming headset – such as the SOMiC G951s gaming headset – is very helpful. With virtual surround sound, it helps you have a much stronger immersion in the game. Imagine hearing animal roars from far away or identify the enemies’ footstep coming closer and closer. It is the experience we will never have in reality.

Additionally, a gaming headset is great for multiplayer games, especially if you are looking for effective team communication. The SOMiC G951s removable mic is convenient and takes up no space on your desk, and meanwhile the voice reception is not compromised by its size. Your team winning strategy can be delivered without any interruption.

Besides the two primary advantages mentioned above, the lightweight and pleasing appearance of gaming headsets are also big pluses. Gaming sessions usually last over an hour and comfortability is crucial in maintaining an adequate performance. With soft earmuffs, gamers can wear headsets for as long as they like. Furthermore, the design of these products is more eye-catching than with music headphone. Firms like SOMiC have developed a diverse range of headsets to fit everyone’s different taste, like the G951 series with detachable cat ears for female gamers

  1. Mechanical gaming keyboards

A keyboard comes with each of your purchases of a computer, so most of the time people would not replace it with a dedicated one. As the primary point when interacting with a PC, a good mechanical keyboard is downright important and affordable.

The most prominent feature of a gaming keyboard is the customisable key input. The beautiful part is the LED lighting behind each key; some of them can be personalised down to each key. Gamers can see the keys clearly with low ambient light, as well as enjoying that one unique colour pattern created by themselves.

The functionality of a keyboard should not be ignored as well. Game macros can be altered so that each input is more intuitive for you. Speed, precision, and feedback are all improved compared to a regular keyboard. Therefore, significant advantages are presented all around this accessory.

  1. Gaming monitors

The third place is revealed! Dell and Asus offer an extensive range of monitors at different price levels. A good gaming monitor is vital for the benefits below:

  • The 144Hz refresh rate: a traditional monitor only has a rate of 60Hz. Gaming with 144Hz will be much smoother, and it will dramatically reduce motion blur. Mouse tracking and aiming also become more comfortable.
  • Reduce eye strain: a dedicated gaming monitor eliminates blue light spectrum while maintaining the colour as natural as possible. It reduces headaches and eye strains over a long period of play time.
  • Reduced response time: this is another aspect that grants you direct advantages over other players. Input lag is no longer an issue with gaming monitors, which means the display can keep up with your action and show your real power.
  1. Gaming mouse

The benefits of a mouse are very similar to a mechanical keyboard. As another major input source, specialised mice from Razer or Logitech usually offer two primary advantages over the regular ones.

Firstly, they have more keys, and each one can be programmed through a software. For example, some players want to reload guns with the mouse instead of clicking on the keyboard; an extra mouse key can be assigned to functions specifically for this action.

Secondly, input lag is massively reduced. The advantage received from input lag from combining a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard can only be understood by those who tried it. Every action can be noticed immediately.

  1. Gaming chair

A comfy chair improves your quality of life considerably when playing games. A quality session may depend on if you are sitting on a chair designed ergonomically for an extended gaming session. Enhanced swivel capability, reasonable curving and thickened pad are here to serve you an enjoyable time. In the long term, they can also facilitate better posture, prevent neck problems and improve blood circulation. Overall, it is another great product that gamers should not ignore.

Final thoughts

All these five products I introduced can provide you with a new experience in gaming. It is not necessary to purchase every one as long as you are having fun. I would recommend you start with small and affordable accessories first, such as a gaming headset because of its multiple functions. In that case, you can gradually build your perfect rig and maximise joy that playing games can bring you.