R4 3DS flashcard Tutorial | how does it work to hack Nintendo New2DS/3DS XL

For beginners to hack a Nintendo New2DS 3DS XL console, they do not know the R4 3DS kaart. If you prefer to crack a Nintendo 3DS New2DS XL, and before taking a purchase of the flashcart R4i 3DS, we will give all the information of the flashcart 3DS, for example, how does it work, what is the use of a R4 software, where to have cards with games installed etc.

R4 3DS flashcart on New2DS 3DS XL

What is a 3DS flashcart for a Nintendo New2DS 3DS XL console in Europe? First of all, if you want to play Nintendo 3DS or NDS games, you have to buy the original game card on amazon.fr, cdiscount or ebay. And it’s not economical to take a lot of original cartridges, so there are a lot of players who prefer a product to store a lot of games, since you can play 3DS or DS games for free.

In this case, an R4 card is output, it allows you to play only DS games on all DS, DS Lite, DSi consoles. With the availability of the Nintendo 3DS system, you can play 3DS games for free, and an R4 card does not support 3DS games, then there is Gateway 3DS on the market.

However, the Gateway 3DS card only supports firmware from 4.1 to 9.2, that is, it does not play 3DS games on a last 3DS 11.10.0-43E update. But, with the research of the Sky3DS team, the Sky3ds+ flashcart supports cracking all the firmware of the 3DS up to 11.10.

And the R4 3DS card supports DS games directly on all new consoles, such as New2DS, 3DS, New3DS, 3DS and Old 2DS.

All you need to know about the 3DS flashcart

Today we will list all the different flashcarts below:

R4 3DS for downloaded DS games

A R4 3DS card is compatible with downloaded DS games, and here are all R4 cards to play DS games: R4i Gold Pro, R4i Gold 3DS Plus, R4i SDHC Dual Core, R4i SDHC 3DS RTS, R4i SDHC RTS Lite, R4i B9S etc.

They support all updates of the 3DS version up to 11.10.0-43E. In addition, these R4 3DS cards support the function of RTS, cheat code and homebrews.

R4 3DS software latest version

To run free games on a Nintendo New2DS 3DS by an R4, you have to download the kernel of the R4 3DS card, it is also the R4 software, what are the 2019 kernel of the R4 3DS card? Each R4 3DS card has a different site to have the kernel. Players can find the link to download the kernel on the official website. So we need to know also the official website of the R4 3DS card.

R4 3DS and official kernel

Here is a table to your reference to give you the link to download the R4 kernel:

R4 3DS R4 3DS official website R4 logiciel
R4i Gold Pro R4isdhc.com V4.0
R4i SDHC Dual Core
R4i SDHC 3DS RTS/R4 B9S R4i-sdhc.com V1.85b
R4i Gold 3DS Plus R4ids.cn Wood 1.64

How to put games on a R4 3DS card ?

How to run DS games on R4 3DS in Europe? It’s very simple for all players, the principle is the same, here is a tutorial for you:

  1. Prepare a Micro SD card, you can choose a capacity from 4GB to 32GB, you can make your purchase of the R4 card together with a micro SDHC card on our site free-switch.com.
  2. Format your SD card in FAT32. Before formatting your SD card, you need to backup the data on your SD card.
  3. Download the R4i official website software, if you bought a R4i Gold Pro card, then you will open the r4isdhc.com website to have the kernel, and on your R4 package, there is also the official website.
  4. Unzip your kernel, then you have some files, then add the files to the root of your SD card.
  5. Download DS games from nds-passion.xyz site, then put them on your SD card.
  6. Insert the SD card into your R4 flashcart, then insert the R4 card into your 3DS New2DS XL console.
  7. Have fun.

R4 3DS/R4i 2DS Card with Games Installed

Is there a site that supports the R4 card with pre-installed games? In fact, it does not have a site for this service on the market. Why ? Because it’s very easy to find the source of free games in Europe. The site nds-passion.xyz is your best option.

Sky3ds+ Stargate for ROM 3DS downloaded

The R4 3DS flashcart does not support 3DS games, and a Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3DS card are here at your disposal.

The Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3DS are perfectly compatible with the latest 3DS and New2DS 11.10.0-43E update. In addition, they are very simple to handle, even for all novices.

How to run the games on Sky3DS+?

The tutorial to run a Sky3ds+ card is the same as an R4 3DS card. So, how to add 3DS games to the Sky3ds+ card?

  1. Format the SD card into FAT32, you can choose an 8GB to 128GB SD card, because a 3DS ROM is bigger than a DS ROM, so you can choose a 16GB or 32GB card.
  2. Download the Sky3ds+ V140 firmware from sky3dsnx.com website.
  3. Unzip the firmware, then you have a “bin” folder.
  4. Add the uncompressed firmware to your SD card, and then add 3DS games downloaded to the SD card too.
  5. Have fun with downloaded 3DS ROMs.

Gateway 3DS, MT Card, R4 Gold Deluxe

These three 3DS flashcarts are not compatible with the latest 3DS 11.10 update, the Gateway 3DS supports 3DS from 4.1 to 9.2, the MT Card and R4i Gold Deluxe support the 3DS version from 4.1 to 4.5, and they are sold out on the market .

And many advanced players have a Gateway 3DS card, but it’s been more than one year since the official site did not update, and the Gateway 3DS EmuNAND 11.10 is not available.

Where to buy R4 3DS flashcart in Europe ?

Free-Switch is your best choice in Europe, flashcarts are quality with free and fast delivery. And we have experiences on this field more than 4 years, all packages are tested before a shipment.