Purchase Guard Review – Online Shopping Got Safer?          

Have you ever shopped online? The answer to this question is most probably “yes”. Millions of people worldwide make purchases from different online merchants every day. This is a fact. Another fact is that sometimes ‘Things go wrong’ during that process. It is impossible to have that many people buying and selling online without unlucky accidents occurring.   

Dig deep, and you’ll discover there are countless stories by disgruntled customers lying around the internet. For example, once, a customer recalled how he purchased a particular brand of monitor. After three days of waiting, he got his package, but he was sent the wrong brand of monitor. 

As an IT worker, taking him more than 16 days to get a refund was simply unacceptable. He ended his recount by advising against online shopping. 

There are a lot of issues facing online shoppers. Earlier mentioned was an issue of a wrong product delivery. This is one of many forms and challenges that could arise. These challenges can take other forms as well. As a customer, one of the issues you might face could be:

  • With the authenticity of a product, you ordered  
  • That the product that was delivered arrived damaged.  
  • That your product was marked as delivered, meanwhile you received nothing. 

When customers encounter issues that go unsolved while making purchases from your business (or online store), they tend to form an opinion of you that they might spread to deter other buyers from coming to you. In this Purchase Guard review, we’ll take a look at what the solution to the problem is.

What is Purchase Guard?

Enters Purchase Guard. Purchase-guard.com is an impartial dispute mediation service for both buyers and merchants. It is a third-party service (and platform) that seeks to completely put an end to unsolved disputes that occur between online merchants and buyers; leaving customers to worry about nothing but the products they’ve come to purchase.      

In other words, Purchase Guard will bridge the communication gap between you, the customer, and the merchant, to find a quick and fair solution that will satisfy both sides.

Also, they avert the loss of customers for the merchants and make sure you don’t wait a lengthy period for a mistake of some kind to be fixed or not fixed at all.   

As an impartial and neutral dispute resolution service, Purchase Guard’s main goal is to provide an answer to the question, “Can you shop risk-free?”. The following review will be a tell-all on how to get started with Purchase Guard and make unresolved disputes a thing of the past for both customers and merchants alike. 

How does it work?

If you have ever had to make a complaint to an online store about the poor service you received, then you probably know firsthand how frustrating it can get.   

Sending emails, being barraged by replies – all these could take too many days. This is why an impartial and neutral dispute resolution service can be an ideal solution to secure safer and hassle-free online shopping experience.      

Let’s take a look at the process to be taken when you register as a customer on Purchase Guard: 

    1. First, go to Purchase-guard.com, hit the sign-up button to fill in your details which includes your email address, name, phone number, a safe password and an invite code (that will be provided to you by PG via email). 
    2. Next, fill in the dispute form with the necessary information about the purchase (and merchant) you have an issue with. Valuable documents that can serve as evidence are encouraged to be attached.


  • An agent from Purchase Guard will then begin communication with the online merchant. Negotiations will take place until a satisfactory solution is reached, agreed by both sides. Once done, the dispute will be closed.        


Why a third-party service like Purchase Guard is best?

Purchase Guard is focused on resolving disputes between disappointed customers and online merchants. It is what they do all day long, so you know whatever issues you lodge is being kept at by a Purchase Guard agent. When you make complaints to banks and credit card issuers, those have to follow procedures that might take too much time, and besides that, your credit score might also be damaged.                       

For online merchants, Purchase Guard can be the fine line between losing a customer and getting bad-mouthed to other potential customers. Purchase Guard resolves online disputes quickly and fairly in a way that shifts the burden off you as an online merchant, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business. 

To Wrap It Up

Purchase Guard is a reliable mediation layer between merchants and shoppers, that every online business which takes customer satisfaction seriously needs. It is a service that guarantees a safer online shopping experience for both customers and merchants alike.