Preparing for an Interview in Digital Marketing 


Every company knows that the success of their company lies with who is managing their digital marketing services. This is because there is a better probability of generating leads when comparing marketing services online. A digital marketing manager needs to provide the knowledge to know how to optimize all channels of companies marketing and understands how to ensure this company can reach a diverse as well as the wide audience that is available online. If you are interviewing for this type of position this article will give you some idea what questions you will need to answer.


When interviewing for a position in digital management you need to expect interview questions on:

  • What various services are available for marketing online
  • What specific data is needed
  • Examples of experience in marketing

They are looking for someone who is familiar with all aspects of digital marketing and has been in charge of some of these services in the past.

Website design 

Since all digital marketing begins with a responsive website design that is built for the marketing of a business’s products and services, expect questions here. With the introduction of mobile devices, the browser screen sizes have changed. Any applicant for a digital marketing manager job knows that it is important to be using a responsive website design code for any business website – this automatically adjusts the layout matching the device that is used by new as well as existing customers. You can expect to have questions such as:

  • Explain how code works
  • Experience in personal development and design skills
  • Confidence in your level of explanation

They will be looking for someone whose background in web design can help them understand the mechanisms of responsive website design and what experience you might have.

Experience with tools

If you have a vast amount of experience, you should be able to quite easily identify each role that various online marketing services provider. They will expect you to name specific tools for online marketing such as PPC or SEO. This includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword explorer tools for multiple SEO campaigns

This should help you be prepared for an interview in the digital marketing field.