POS Systems For Non-Profits

When you think of point-of-sale (POS) systems, you likely imagine they are only for businesses that are in the industry to make money. However, non-profit organizations from a variety of sectors rely on POS systems to operate efficiently as well. They make it easier to track donors, ensure money is going to the right departments to stay within grant restrictions, and much more. If your non-profit is not already using an POS system, there are several reasons you should start doing so.

A POS Provides Plenty of Features

Nonprofit POS systems provide a wide variety of features that make your job easier. Is your organization holding a bake sale, spaghetti dinner, or another fundraiser that requires people to order in advance? A point-of-sale system lets you create online ordering systems that allow people to pick up their orders without a fuss. These systems also make it easier for you and your clients to track deliveries or verify ages when needed. Does your organization use an appointment system? POS systems integrate your scheduling software to make your non-profit run even more smoothly.

A POS Helps You Learn More About Your Audience

The Clover 2 and a range of other point-of-sale systems make it easier for organizations to gain insight into their audiences. Data-driven nonprofits can adjust their models to better benefit the people they hope to serve, bring in more donations, and do more throughout the community. You can determine which fundraisers are doing the best, when your organization does the most business, which day of the week does the best, and so on. The system even lets you track which people interact with your non-profit more than once, what they seem to be interested in most, and more.

A POS Improves the Experience for Your Audience

When you use a point-of-sale system for your non-profit organization, you aren’t just improving your own user experience. You are also improving the experience for anybody who works with your organization. Using a POS system cuts down on wait times on the phone and standing in line, helps people store important information, such as payment information, and streamlines the entire process overall. When the people who support your organization can do so with less effort, they are more likely to donate money, purchase items, or otherwise support your non-profit organization.

A POS Is Affordable

Finally, when you search for a Clover Flex for sale, you’ll probably notice they are a lot more affordable than you assumed. As technology advances and it becomes easier to implement features into these systems, they become much more affordable, even for smaller non-profits. Are you still concerned about the upfront costs? Simply think about how much you’ll save in time, money, and effort over the next year. A POS system can pay for itself in a matter of weeks or months, depending on the size of your organization.

When choosing the right point-of-sale system for your non-profit organization, avoid rushing the process. Making a list of the features you want, and comparison shopping will help you get the right system to meet your needs and your organization’s budget.