Perfect Options for Video Production Now?

From where do we start to make a good video that is addressed to convey a message, to get feedback, to make something known and to entertain? Why it is useful to know how to communicate with this type of language is quickly said: we are in the era of video (Cisco predicted that by 2019 80% of internet traffic will be video), and there are many occasions when your communication can be extraordinarily more effective in video than through a text, or traditional verbal communication. Today, being able to make a video is a digital skill. The use of the Houston video production comes easy here.

Here are the 5 key steps followed by professionals to create a cured product

  1. The script – It is the script that is, the story we are going to narrate in the video, the context of the story or scenography, the possible characters and their dialogues.
  2. 2. Creation of a storyboard – The storyboard consists of a series of drawings that present the shots of the video we want to make, as they will be presented in the video, in fact there are many types of shots we can make: from the PP (first floor ) to the CL (long field), from the PM (American plan) to the PAN (panoramic), all examples easily available on the web (for example here , there is a complete but very brief explanation).
  3. 3. Production – that is, the video shooting days. The most useful advice is to exploit natural light as much as possible, or alternatively lights with a homogeneous temperature, if possible use more than one camera (or more devices for shooting) to give more dynamism to our video and to have always an alternative to the main recovery; when possible record audio on a source other than the camera, it will allow you to have a higher quality and cleaner sound.
  4. Post-production, i.e. editing or editing of the video. It is a very important phase, because it is in this phase that the ‘shot’ turns into the real video, in which the material is selected, put together, corrected and enriched. For example, the graphic parts will be inserted, such as opening and closing titles, the colors of the shot will be corrected, to make the same shots more homogeneous or to give a specific “look” to our video; it associates audio and video if it has been possible to record audio and video on separate sources; you select and add any background music or special effects.
  5. Suggested software: for post-production you need software, if you use a Mac you can use iMovie, for Windows there is Movie Maker; but there are many around even free ones.

Try it now, train, follow our advice and make a video that has a communication goal, so you will develop this digital competence.