Outdated Drivers And The Emerging Challenges

The hardware devices installed on Windows computers cannot be utilized without drivers. The pre-installed devices like USB ports, HDMI connectivity panels, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi routers, headphone jacks, graphics cards, etc., require realtek pcie gbe family controller drivers compatible with the operating system of the computer. Drivers are considered a medium for connection between the hardware and software devices. A lot of performance of the device depends on the drivers installed; thereby recommendation is to keep them updated regularly or else problems might arise.

An extreme slowdown of the device

One of the key problems caused by out-of-date drivers is extreme system slowdown concerning the performance of software applications. The majority of the people complain of experiencing lags in media player applications, sometimes even crashing down due to poor audio. Furthermore, the applications and functions also slow down when relevant drivers are outdated.

When drivers are not maintained with updates, issues arise in video resolutions, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, graphics output, and so on. Such scenarios worsen over time to a point when it becomes impossible to operate the system.

Malfunctioning of device

Device malfunctioning is perhaps one of the worst outcomes of outdated drivers. The user experiences that the system’s headphones, speakers, USB flash drivers, etc., fail to respond. In addition, the printer doesn’t connect with the PC, or there are weak Wi-Fi signals and a series of other malfunctions in the device.

Such issues are often presumed to be caused by hardware issues. But, in reality, the results are because the user fails to update the drivers regularly. The current driver installed in the device isn’t compatible with the specific device, and thereby there is no response or malfunctions that take place regularly.

Crashed games

Graphics cards play a significant role in those devices that are exclusively used for hardcore gaming purposes. Dedicated graphics cards are used for a better and more engaging gaming experience. The outcome of outdated drivers is poor resolution and unwanted crashes in between the gameplay. Furthermore, the players also experience slow responses to command keys. When such instances keep happening in the middle of a game, the entire experience gets hampered. There is frustration, and the urge to play goes for a toss. Thus, it is always suggested by experts that players must update realtek pcie gbe family controller drivers regularly.

Significant security threats

Though this is a rare phenomenon caused by out-of-date drivers, one shouldn’t neglect it. In certain cases, it has been found that out-of-date drivers, especially for external devices and drivers, allow hackers to seek control of the entire system. This is possible by breaching the operating system. Though this is a rare occurrence, if it takes place, the overall security system of the device is compromised.


Experts usually don’t recommend updating realtek pcie gbe family controller hardware drivers unless there are reasons. A driver or a device driver communicates with the system hardware and interacts with the operating system of a computer, and indicates the ways to function. Thus, the drivers must be maintained in optimal condition.