Optimizing Windows 10’s Default Settings and Apps

With all new Windows computers, there are default settings in place. However, these may not be the best starting point for your system’s optimal performance. If you’re a PC user who wants to keep their Windows 10 running smoothly, make sure to read on and customize your computer’s OS.

This article explains a few changes to Windows 10 default settings that will make a significant difference for you.

Changing AutoPlay Defaults

When someone plugs in a USB drive, DVD, or anything similar, they will see something called AutoPlay. You can go into settings to make sure that AutoPlay does not happen automatically (default).

First, go to the Settings button and click on Devices. AutoPlay will be an option; it is listed on the left side of the screen. You can select whatever fields you want to either AutoPlay or not. If you want to turn off AutoPlay completely, you can do that too.

One of the reasons people end up doing this is because it can cause problems if your computer automatically opens a program you don’t want. The people who make malware have tried to take advantage of AutoPlay, which makes it easy for them to attack your computer.

There is also the annoyance of plugging something in and not necessarily needing it to play right away. Some users do not want to deal with that inconvenience every single time, so turning it off makes life a little easier. It just takes a couple of clicks to launch something if it is needed.

Internet Browser Customization

Searching on a Windows 10 computer is easy. You can use the search bar in the taskbar, but by default, Microsoft uses Bing inside its own Edge browser for searches. If you don’t want to use that option, you can change it to another browser.

There are many different browsers available, but out of the most popular ones, Chrome and Firefox seem to be best as they allow users to change their settings for this. There is a third-party option called Edge Deflector, which prevents Edge from being used by default. Either way, as a Windows PC user, you have options!

A person can change the default browser for clicking links, doing taskbar searches, and more in just a few short steps. One easy way is to use Windows’ “Change default apps” option.

Users can do Windows Key + R, then type in “Default Programs” and click on it to continue. Then use Windows Key + F, find the search criteria you want, select your default browser from the list, and hit OK.

Another method is to go to Windows key + S (for Search) > Settings > Apps > Default apps. Click on any program or file type you want to change the default for and choose a new one from the drop-down menu at the top. By doing this, you have removed Windows’ default pick and replaced it with your own choice.

Keyboard Settings

What many users do not realize is that there are various keyboard layouts to utilize. Whether a person wants to set up a keyboard that works exactly as they wish or they want to type in a particular language, a modification with the keyboard makes a lot of sense.

Users will find such options under Windows Key + X > Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Formats tab > Language bar. Then click on “Change keyboards or other input methods” at the bottom left of the window. From here, you can customize the keyboard to your exact liking by turning any options on or off.

Even though most settings default to English, there are options available for international keyboards with all types of different layouts as well. One popular option that has taken off in the last few years is the United States International layout. This is mostly similar to what people are used to, but additional characters added will help instead of dealing with the more cumbersome shortcuts.

At any point, a person can switch out keyboards very easily by selecting the Windows button and the Space button at the same time. Not everyone will need to switch keyboards like that so frequently, but it is always nice to have a way to change quickly.

Keeping Folders Organized

It is important to keep folders as organized as possible from the early stages of buying a new computer. Finding what is needed later on can only be accomplished with a quality folder set up.

It’s not enough to know what folders to create. Many Windows 10 systems have a limited amount of hard drive space, so users will need to think about all the information they want in their folders.

Users can move around and resize their Windows 10 folders at any time. They should also consider making one folder just for Windows or apps installation files. This is just one way to make Windows seem less cluttered and more organized overall.

Not everyone likes the default layout of folders, which depends on their type of content. There are options for people to adjust to several different views, including details, large icons, and tiles. For pictures and videos, a lot of people like having an instantly recognizable tile. For more text-based files, having a ton of details available can make a big difference.

Resetting Windows 10 Settings

Playing around with changes is great, but some people might end up not wanting to adjust default PC settings in the end. If that is the case, the best solution is to go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps.

From there, a person can select “Microsoft Recommended” for every default, and it all goes back to how it was in the beginning. Anything a bit more detailed will need to be changed back specifically. For a more permanent solution, you might even consider factory resetting your Windows 10 system.

Why Settings Options Matter

Having the flexibility to change settings on Windows 10 is one of the reasons why people love the operation software. No two people use a computer the same way, so it makes no sense to treat it as such.

Along with some simple changes to settings, there are other ways to optimize computers and make them work as efficiently as possible. System Mechanic® from iolo, as well as other optimization suites, are designed to help with speed, power, stability, and more. With the proper settings changes and tools to help with optimization, a computer can feel brand new and efficient.