Open Camera app for Android

If you want to replace your default Android camera app with a more powerful one, then go for Open Camera. Open-source camera to click amazing images at all time. The app is quite simple in design. But comprises of all most all the nice features that should be there in a powerful camera.

More about Open Camera

Most of the worldwide Open Camera app uses find it as a very useful and wonderful camera app to click photos and to record videos. Open Camera is completely free application offering by any app store including Google Play and AC Market. When compared to other camera apps this app doesn’t include so many filters and effects. But its indeed very powerful. Definitely allow you to capture very clear high-quality photos and videos.

Features of Open Camera App

This includes all most all the features that a powerful camera app should possess. Some of the features can be listed as follows:

  • Auto-level- lets you to have well balanced photos.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy control.
  • Includes timer and an auto-repeat mode.
  • Ability to capture selfies with screen flash mode.
  • Capability to capture photos through voice commanding.
  • Let you to add photo or the video location very easily. Help to have precise memories on your lovable moments.
  • Add date and time of the captures together with location for any photo or a video.
  • Allow you to tag GPS location.
  • Permits image stabilization – this reduces the shake happening due to motion.

In addition to the above-mentioned features here are some other features that you may love to know regarding the app. Let’s list them as follows:

Camera 2AP1 feature

If you enable this feature on your camera apk definitely you will be able to experience a high-quality photo shoot. By enabling this Camera 2AP1 you can unlock some extra features. This lets you permit manual mode. Some of these features in the manual mode includes focus, white balance, exposure, etc.

Night mode

This lets you to capture high-quality images even under low light-conditions and in night.

Portrait mode

You can capture your image in portrait mode other than in the landscape mode. The portrait mode lets you to blur the background making it very easy to focus on your needed subject more and more.

Exposure Lock

When you are not satisfied with the auto-mode of the exposure you can easily lock the exposure to capture the photo as you wish.

Noise reduction

This is also a wonderful feature included in the app. This permits you to capture your images by reducing the noise. If you are shooting under artificial lighting this feature seems quite a useful one.

There are many other alternatives like YouCam Perfect, HD Camera, Candy Cam and etc. If does not like this camera app, you can use above mentioned alternatives.