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The News under I4U comes with a strong disclaimer for its readers. Meanwhile. The readers should read, comprehend and understand the disclaimer and go with the agreements as made by the news channel that they as a news unit would want to share without hurting the sentiments of individuals from all strata of lives.


The disclaimer for the news site I4U news is basically provided by I4U LLC on an ‘as is’ or ‘as available’ basis. However, to the fullest of the extent as permitted by the applicable law under the judiciary section, 14U LLC gives no representations or warranties of or for any kind. Any news that is expressive or has implications is solely dependent on the team whether to flash it or not. The news site getting operated or for that matter the information is carefully handled and different aspects are however, taken into various circumstances before publishing it on the site. The content, links, products, graphics, materials or services as included under or on the site are fully on the basis of their accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability. 

Furthermore, the third parties provide or give some kind of material on the news site, as to increase their content but keeping in mind to the maximum possible reach of permissibility placed under by the applicable law as set by the I4U News Site. The I4U LLC is not responsible for any such third party material to be posted on their site, so that they get bad publicity or get on the top of their game.

The readers are explicitly informed that their agreement of their usage of the news site or any other change, transaction if or when resulted can however, solely be at the reader’s risk. The news site is not responsible in such case scenarios, as there have been incidents where readers for fun, on serious note post some comment or give their ideologies which is sometimes not required. This in turn may hurt the other readers as well, as every individual is individualistically different from the other. 

The content on the site may not be suitable or suggestive in nature for an audience of under 18 years of age. Thus, a third party content posted on the news site can be highly disturbing for such readers. Therefore, such age group audiences or readers are advised to be kept at distance.