New Technology News in the Field of Medicine

In technology news, the remarkable news is in the field of medicine. With that in mind, here are two incredible new medical devices to look forward to in the future or even sooner.

New implant

There is a new inventive implant that will replace reading glasses for those who have presbyopia which is the blurred vision that almost everyone over 40 years of age have when reading. After a 5-year clinical study of 508 patients, AcuFocus had received approval from the FDA.

KARMA Inlay device

This ‘KARMA Inlay’ is an opaque, circular device, that is implanted surgically in the patient’s eye that is ‘non-dominant’. In those patients who haven’t yet had cataract surgery, this device will extend the focus depth and lets the patient be able to easily work with a computer or read not having to wear glasses. The FDA believes this implant is the first major advance in surgery for presbyopia in over 10 years. This implant currently available in more than 50 countries and helps many patients clearly see again. 

Electronic pill to fight obesity

MelCap Systems have designed an electronic type pill in the hopes of combating the epidemic of obesity. It is in development and has been given a patent – here is how it works:

  • Patient swallows this device – about the size of a daily vitamin.
  • The pill journeys to stomach, there it absorbs liquid and then expands.
  • External magnet is used to guide thispill, so it sets in the best place in the stomach.
  • The patient controls this pill using their smart phone. When a command is sent, it electronically stimulates the stomach, telling the brain that enough food has been eaten.
  • The patient then avoids overeating, eating fewer calories.
  • After 21 days, this pill naturally passes through the digestive system.

This is a treatment that could prove to be revolutionary in the fight against obesity as well as helping millions of people reach their goals for a life that is healthier.