New Instagram question sticker for business promotion

The leading social media app Instagram introduced another extremely entertaining and interactive feature, question sticker in 2018. It can actually be added to the IG stories and let followers submit their questions. Each and every question can be answered publicly with an additional of the story. This amazing feature is so simple to utilize. It elevates all your IG stories with the addition of creativity and audience engagement. Once it is being posted, all the followers can respond to it as long as the Instagram story is active. (up to a period of 24 hours or till the time you delete it).

Ways to utilize question stickers on Instagram

Given below are some of the ways by which businesses can utilize the IG question stickers to grow the business.

Market research

With the question sticker, you can actually tap into the minds of followers and determine what makes them purchasing something or scrolling. Thus by simply asking a few questions the marketers can do the research and find out the course which follower may deem consider purchase worthy itself.

Built relationships

The Instagram stories should not just simply about the business. With this social media network already hitting 1+ billion active users in a month, it is very vital to establish a genuine relationship with all the followers. Thus brands can utilize stickers for communicating and interacting with the audience.

Host competition using question stickers

When you want to boost the audience engagement and gain new followers, just hold a competition by making use of these question stickers. Provide followers a pre-defined set of clues and pose some questions for guessing the correct answer. The first person who guesses it correctly can be given a prize.

Run Q& A session

This is actually one of the straight forward use of question stickers. The main trick is to ensure that whatever you are providing is informative, engaging and also interesting. However, don’t let anyone to randomly answer the questions. Instead of that, connect the viewers to an expert who will provide valuable insight into the particular topic.

Instagram takeover hosting

The takeover is quite a fun way to reach to the targeted new audience. Here just inject a fun element into the regular content. By hosting such takeovers, it is going to invigorate the profile by expanding its reach to a new group of audience who are unfamiliar with the business. It is fun and at the same time, an accessible way to get the new group of the audience knowing about you and the reason why they should follow your brand.

Promote Instagram profile by investing in followers

The businesses can grab the opportunity of promoting the profile and reaching to a wider audience by increasing more followers. This helps you in creating a long-lasting impression on the audience and you will also be receiving numerous likes on all your posts. Thus the social media marketing company offers affordable buy likes package for improving the visibility of your brand among target consumers. This helps you in growing the IG profile and increase profitability.