MilesWeb VPS Hosting: The Best VPS Host of India in 2019

Knowing the importance of having a business website, all the brick and motor stores have started building their online presence. So, you already might be having a website, right?

If yes, congrats! Your business has now reached to all the places globally. All the people in the world can now learn about your business and maybe purchase from you. This is surely going to increase your online sale. Some of you have just started the online business and might be experiencing less traffic on your website. But if it’s been years, you might have experienced increase in the website traffic. You might be finding it difficult to meet the requirements of the increasing traffic. Hope your website hasn’t crashed until now!

When your website is new, you can be dependent on the shared hosting plan. In shared hosting, you share the resources of a single server with multiple users on the same server. But when your website starts growing, shared hosting won’t be able to handle the load. So, it is recommended to switch to VPS hosting. VPS hosting is divided into Linux VPS and Windows VPS based on the OS.

In VPS hosting, you get a virtual server environment and resources are allocated to multiple users on the same server. However, the number of users on the VPS is less as compared to shared hosting.

To make your work easier of finding the best VPS hosting provider, check this review of India’s best VPS provider in 2019.

MilesWeb At A Glance

Based in Nasik, Maharashtra, the company was established in 2012 and has since then expanding its services rapidly in other countries. MilesWeb has a solution available for all types of websites and so caters every type of website may it be business or ecommerce or blog. Therefore, their web hosting services include shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, WordPress, cloud, business, etc. Their plans are very much affordable and comprise of all the features required to keep the website up.

They have a team of technical experts that are available 24 hours to help with the queries that their customers face. Being popular for their optimized services, they take complete care of server management, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Plans

They offer both Linux VPS and Windows VPS plans as below:

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Why to Select MilesWeb VPS?

Cloud Infrastructure: MilesWeb Linux VPS hosting plans are based on DigitalOcean while the Windows VPS plans are based on Amazon cloud infrastructure. This means there won’t be shortfall of resources as well as speed. The cloud infrastructure helps you to avoid undifferentiated work such as procurement and capacity.

Solid-State Drives: MilesWeb VPS servers come with built-in SSDs. SSDs help in offering high website performance and reliability. They use flash technology that helps in speeding up your website. Also, they are extremely fast and durable as compared to HDDs.

Free VPS Management: MilesWeb team is always ready to help its customers. So, they deploy your server as well as optimize and manage the complete VPS server for you. They do this free of cost and won’t charge you any additional fees. Due to this, you can completely focus on your business growth.

SSH and Root Access: You would love to have complete control over your hosting environment. MilesWeb allows you to have complete control over your VPS environment. They offer full root SSH access with their Linux VPS hosting plans.

Full Administrator Access:You get the freedom to control the activities on Windows VPS account. You are allowed to host multiple websites, install any third party software/ applications or use it for browsing data with their fully managed Windows VPS.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: You are provided with a resource monitoring dashboard to monitor the resources on your server. The dashboard is simple and easy to use for you. With this dashboard you can monitor memory usage, reboot VPS, check server load and manage other configurations of your VPS server.

Global Datacenters: They offer different server locations to choose from. You can select the server location as per your target audience location. Their server locations include San Francisco, New York, Bangalore, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Toronto and Amsterdam.

Host Multiple Sites: You can host multiple websites under same VPS account. It means you don’t need to buy separate VPS hosting accounts for different websites. You can manage several websites from your single VPS account.

Instant Provisioning: MilesWeb team won’t take longer than few minutes to setup your VPS account. You won’t have to wait for a long time as other web hosts ask you. Their VPS plans are deployed quickly after your order is complete and payment is verified.

No Setup Fee: You don’t have to pay any extra fee for your account setup. They setup your account completely free of cost. Just pay for the plan’s price and get your account setup within minutes.

Robust Infrastructure: MilesWeb VPS hosting plans are built on robust infrastructure. Their infrastructure is based on collaboration of leading players such as Supermicro, Cisco, Dell and HP. Their cutting edge servers offer best uptime and stability.

Choice of Control Panel: You can select cPanel or Plesk control panel depending on the OS you select. Your VPS management becomes easy with the control panel. cPanel supports CentOS while Plesk supports CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. It allows you to manage your emails, websites, databases and much more. You also get Softaculous, one-click app installer with cPanel control panel.

MilesWeb Caters Their Customers With:

24/7 customer Support: You can get your queries on your VPS account resolved immediately. Just get in touch with the technical support staff via live chat and email and raise your query. They won’t let you wait for long time to get the query solved and your site to work back to normal.

99.95% Uptime: Their Tier-3 and Tier 4 datacenters help to offer 99.95% uptime. With this your site remains up and running for the visitors that come to your site. They won’t face frequent downtime on your website.


Selecting a best VPS hosting provider is difficult due to tough competition in the market. But MilesWeb is the best VPS host of India that offers affordable and reliable web hosting and allows you to focus on your business growth.