ManyChats Happening with Manychat – What Beginners Must Know




A lot of entrepreneurs today are very much interested in using various digital marketing strategies to boost their sales and to generate traffic to their websites. This is a proof that many of them have started engaging in e-commerce because this is where they can earn potential customers. In fact, different applications, software and systems have been developed for business purposes. For example, they use Manychats or Zapiers tool and integrate this with messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Actually, this tool works best for chatbots, which are assigned with automated tasks.

I know that entrepreneurs of today’s generation are very much interested with revolutionized technology and would always like to provide high quality services. For this reason, they wanted to use digital marketing tools in the middle of a tough competition in the industry. Using bots may be an edge in the field of increasing number of business companies. However, one must be equipped with sufficient understanding, knowledge and skills to achieve your desired result. It is true that you may learn how to deal with these innovative systems, but this may take some time.

That’s why we have IT experts to help you with your computer-related concerns. I suggest you to hire one, to ensure that the right setting, configuration and installation will be applied. Well, I am not saying that you cannot really do what they can, but expertise is still preferred. However, this is also not a reason to stop trying and learning. Now, if you would like to use ManyChat, then be familiarized with it. As a beginner, it would be great to ask for help. But it would be appreciated to know the important functions that you will be working on when using this app.

ManyChat and Pricing

Do you know that through the ManyChat, you will be able to create a bot for messaging apps like Facebook Messenger? This tool will be very helpful in increasing your earnings, promoting your products or services and improving the support or customer care. If this is how it really works, then business owners would surely want to incorporate this. But you have to learn how to create this chatbots or hire someone, who can do it for you.

Actually, if you would like to try it, then you may go with the free version. However, you can only experience limited functions and features. Now, if you would like to fully experience what’s good with this, then go with the pro version. Of course, you will have unlimited features with this type of purchase.

Growth Tools

The first thing that you need to be familiarized with are the growth tools because these are the things that you can customize – widgets, pop-ups and overlays. These will help you encourage the visitors to interact with your bot or subscribe in your page.

These tools include the bar, which is usually on top of the page. Next is the pop-up window that often appears in the center of the page. Third, the slide-in window, coming from the edge. Fourth, the customize page takeover or the overlay design. We also have customized buttons with or without checkbox, and then the box. Seventh, the landing page, which is like a web page with a URL and ref-code that will open your main page.

We also have ads like JSON, checkbox and then codes for Facebook, though these are only available in the pro version. Next, we have comments. Lastly, the customer chat for your viewers to interact with your chatbot. check on the link at and learn how to make a campaign using JSON.


This function will enable you to send messages to your target subscribers at a specified time. The broadcast comes in three types – subscription, promotional and follow-up.

For the subscription, there would be no ads attached in the messages that you may send anytime. For the promotional, it comes with ads or any promotional material. However, it will be sent only to the subscribers with activities in the past 24 hours. And then, the follow-up is for the users who were not seen after the 24 hour activity window.

Custom and Bot Fields

You may customize fields for the information of the subscribers. These fields could be text, number, date, time and a true or false value, which would be saved into your system and may be used in the flows.

Be reminded that the custom fields are specifically set for each user. While the bot fields could be details or descriptions for all users or viewers.

Flow Builder

The visual flow builder is a setting, where you will be able to organize the structure as well as to build the conversations. Let’s say that starting from the welcome greeting, what would be the reply? You have to set these things, so that the chatbot will know what to respond.

Imagine yourself writing a flow chart. For every statement, there would be corresponding action. It could be choices or decisions like questions and commands. This is where you are going to build every possible response of the chatbot to the subscriber.

Button and Quick Reply

What’s the difference between a button and a quick reply, anyway? When you would like to start a conversation with the viewers, then I suggest you to use a quick reply. Sometimes, the subscribers are interested with follow-up messages or other topics. So, this is what you need to show them.

Now, if you would like this visitor to go to a different page for more details or viewing purposes, then you may use the buttons. This is when the bot has to end the conversation because there is no available responses left.

Recommended Setting

The settings will depend on how you want things to work. Most of the time, you use the recommended or default settings, right? I suggest you to stick with the recommended settings because this works well for beginners.

Though, some of you might also want to try customizing and experimenting. Therefore, aside from the general ones, you may try working on the live chat, growth tools, notifications and user settings.