Manage different challenges of manufacturing business with SAP Business One Cloud

A manufacturing business is replete with comprehensive business challenges. This industry is one of the most important industries as we know as it provides us everything we need for our daily business activities. However, it is facing a tough time due to strict compliance, ongoing operational and day to day challenges, rising product cost, rising raw material costs, spoilage etc. To combat these challenges, there is a need to bring in enterprise-ready software which can mitigate all business complexities smartly. In this article, we will examine what all possible challenges a manufacturer faces now and then and how SAP Business One Cloud manages it all.

To maintain quality in every version and set

It becomes increasingly tough to manage the recipe, modify recipes and produce the desired products every time. Manufacturers like chemical, cosmetics, pharma, food and beverages, dairy, and other faces a host of challenges. They need to tackle stringent regulations. This makes managing recipes all the more important. This is where ERP software comes into rescue. The software manages recipes all the more important. With the right ERP solution, it becomes easy to revise formula, maintain the exact ratio with a high level of accuracy.

To comply with laws

To remain compliant is not a mere choice of manufacturers but a necessity. With excel and drive, it becomes difficult to keep a tab of everything. With smart ERP in place, it becomes a lot easier to fulfill all regulatory requirements, sta compliant and keeps a tab on all manufacturing practices.  Further, a next-gen ERP performs a quick quality check and help comply with all Government regulations.

Manage the assortments of products 

Manufacturers have a series of products to manage and produce. The production side requires complex methods like mixing, preparing, grinding and adjusting the ratio of raw materials while adhering to the quality aspects. The process involves complex series and here comes the need for automation to manage it all.

With the production management in ERP software, it becomes easy to manage the ongoing business complexities. The software helps track inventory, prevent out of stock situations, control all production and track batch lots. Additionally, with the advanced software, you can manage any last-minute change through batch size feature. The software can also help manage the shipment of urgent orders with better clarity.

Track inventory at multiple warehouse and locations

As a manufacturer, you must be knowing the importance of having inventory management in place, With complete visibility, it becomes easy to keep a track of inventory across multiple locations. Be it different countries, states, cities or any locations, inventory can be tracked better at multiple locations. Further, you can keep a tab on inward and outward inventory as what us lying in the stock, which product is in excess, which one is going in expiration date. This will help you plan your inventory better and fix the discount or any promotion scheme to those products who will perish in near time,

 Adhere to quality parameters

One of the main business problems of the manufacturing business is lot tracking & batch traceability. Merely by relying on spreadsheets and legacy software. One can compromise on quality. This is where SAP Business One Cloud comes in with featured-packed functionalities. Cloud based ERP like SAP Business One comes with the drill-down capabilities and helps you plan better purchase orders, specifications and other important details with greater ease and precision.

These are just a few of the challenges that manufacturers face on a daily basis. A robust and intelligent ERP such as SAP Business One helps you take care of the above challenges and deal with any pertinent issues.