Lookout Latest Features Of Subway Surfers That Make It Thrilling

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular games on the planet. Most of the people are playing this game from all over the world. It is a favorite game for all age group that can be played on mobile devices. Gamersmahi is one of the leading gamer’s facts website on the globe. In this site, you can get the latest news about the game. The Subway Surfers are developed with the advanced technology that offers the best gaming experience to the players. This game comes with new features that make it more exciting. Let’s see new features of Subway Surfers games: 

Games Add-ons

One of the features of the game is Games Add-ons. The character is offered with the transport mode similar to the hoverboard. It helps the players to achieve higher speed with the extending idea of the gap with the inspector. By increasing the speeds, the obstacles begin to pop up with the increase of velocity. Increasing the speed will help the players with the freeway to develop more distance between the inspector and character. 

Individual challenge

The Subway Surfers game comes with over forty levels. The gamers experience lots of the challenges in the game. The game includes a series of challenges that the players unlock the unique set of challenges in the Subway Surfers. Gamersmahi provides best games reviews and Pre-launch news of games.

Lots of funny characters

In the new version of the Subway Surfers, you can experience a variety of funny characters. The gamers can get the change to choose the character between Jake, fresh, and start their escape mission. As per the progress of the game, the players can unlock attractive characters and get enjoyable playing experience. You can select the outfits for the characters and also watch them contest with the latest accessories.

Perfect for all age group 

This game is an ideal choice for all age group. It can be played by people from younger to elder. In-app purchases allow you to buy accessories and also improve the hoverboard easily. The developer has worked hard to develop energetic characters, best gameplay and high-end graphics that make it suits for different age groups.

Install the new version of the Subway Surfers on your mobile device and enjoy upgraded features. This game needs certain user control, and by moving their hands right as well as left to catch the coins.