Learn How to Pick a Reliable Window Cleaning Company


Picking a reputable window cleaning company should not give you a headache. However, there are a few factors you need to consider. Exterior and interior window cleaning is a fundamental building and home maintenance.

This is how you do it:

Gather Several Quotes

Landing on a reliable window cleaning company requires a bit of research. That is why choosing several companies will help you analyze and select a competent entity. After choosing various companies, ensure you get their quotes. Learn about the services provided, how they do it, and the cost. If you realize a huge discrepancy in price, then run away.

After analyzing various quotes, you will narrow down your list to the most reliable and affordable. But take care. Low-ball prices might mean low-quality services or scam. On the hand, expensive doesn’t mean stellar services.

Ensure the Company Is Insured and Licensed

A window cleaning company should bear the burden of liability in case of broken windows or injured workers while in the line of duty. An insured company also protect you against any liability caused by the window cleaner. 

Never hire an unlicensed company. Ask the proof of license by perusing the license certificate.

Check the Website

We live in a digital era where people check the presence of a business online buying goods and services. Therefore, go straight to various websites of window cleaning companies and give a comparison. Compare the web design, the information shared, contact, email, and physical addresses. 

A company that hides any crucial information is a no-go zone. The website should also be easy to navigate and learn about the services offered. 


Read Reviews

People tend to appreciate a well-done job, and when disappointed, they don’t hide it either. Reviews are the precursors that will help you decide whether you will hire a window cleaning company or not. 

Reviews help you get invaluable information, how the company operates and how they handle claims. You will also get to know if they keep time and provide stellar services. By reading reviews, you can decide whether the said company is reliable or not.

Read reviews from several companies, compare their services, and then choose the best.


Window cleaning is an essential house maintenance task; whether residential or commercial. Different companies come up with different pricing plan based on the services offered. Various companies provide stellar services at an affordable price. However, be cautious of companies that contract third parties to do the cleaning as they tend to be pricey.

The cost will also depend on the number of windows to be cleaned, how they get cleaned, and the location. Consider all these factors when negotiating with a window cleaning company.

Check References

Ensure you ask for a reference. Ask specific questions about the reliability, timeliness, and availability of the company.


After comparing prices, reading reviews, asking for references, and considering the costs, you should be in a position to pick the right window cleaning company. Don’t ignore any sign of unreliability. More so, work within your budget to avoid getting into debts.