Laptop Repair Or Replace : 3 Basic Facts To Know Which Is Worthwhile

If you’re the owner of a laptop, sooner or later you’ll face a decision about whether to choose laptop repair or simply replace it. Here are three basic facts to help you make that decision.

Fact No. 1: Age of Your Laptop

The average age of any laptop is 5-8 years. However, it’s just a number and can last for longer if used carefully. When it comes to deciding about laptop repair or replacement, you should consider the age of your laptop.

If your laptop is less than 5 years old or still under warranty, laptop repair in Noida or near you is a wise choice than putting money in a new device.

Buying a new laptop or getting the old one repaired is completely your decision but expert advice can always help you decide better. So, a laptop repair service at home professional can help you with the right decision-making.

Fact No. 2: Severity of Issues in the Laptop


If your laptop is showing minor issues then getting it repaired by a legitimate laptop repair service company is a good decision. However, if the issues are more serious and the cost of laptop repair at home is about 50% or more than the cost of a new laptop then consider buying a new device.

You can consult a company or individual who knows how to do laptop repair in Noida or near you to get an idea about the repair cost. And, to know the cost of a new laptop, you can simply look online. A wise comparison can help you save money in the long term.

Fact No. 3: Usage Purpose

Last but not least, the purpose of your laptop determines whether you should go for laptop repair at home or replacement. For example, if your existing laptop doesn’t have features that you need at this point and there’s no way to upgrade it too, then you’re left with no choice than investing in a new laptop. On the other hand, if your device can be upgraded and becomes good to use again, you should hire professionals for laptop repair!


So, these are the 3 basic facts to check before replacing your current laptop or hiring repair professionals to upgrade or fix it. A careful consideration of these facts can save a lot of money and time!