Is Your Website Voice Search Compatible?

A few years ago, people would have never thought of speaking to virtual assistants to find information on the internet. But, today, searching by voice queries has increased by more than 30%. Ever since the voice assistants were launched, it has revolutionized the search engines and SEO.  According to the Comscore, by 2020, half of all searches will be voice searches.

What does voice search mean for SEO? 

Digital marketing is all about generating leads and converting the audience into customers. To continue growing your business, you must ensure that your digital marketing is optimized to account for the effects of voice search on SEO.

Every day, about three million searches are performed on Google and voice searches make up a third of those searches. So, you have to start optimizing your website to get the most out of digital marketing in the long run. Optimizing the website for voice search is essential for both small and chain businesses because people often use voice search for getting information about business location, operating hours while driving. However, location-specific information is not the only thing people are looking for. According to a Google survey, “people look for information like deals, sales, personalized tips, information about upcoming events, customer support, etc.”

Businesses are optimizing for voice search by using the same strategies and becoming competitive. So, if you really want to stand out of the crowd, you must consider voice search optimization to get the most out of Albuquerque SEO.

How to improve voice search rankings?

Ensure your website loads quickly 

Just like traditional SEO Albuquerque, voice searches favors websites that load quickly. So make sure your site responds and works well on mobile devices, images are optimized, files are compressed, you utilize website caching to improve page speed and server response time is reduced.

Write contents that are voice search friendly

When it comes to content strategy for voice search, ensure you map questions onto the various points of your target audience journey that ensures you are available through voice search at any stage the customer needs. Try to use natural language over basic keywords. Create contents that include questions and answers that the users want to know and ensure your content is valuable for them. Make the contents easy and clear for Google. Virtual assistants pull excerpts from your page to answer a question so include content that best fit this.

Structured data optimization 

Unlike regular search results that get a lot of results for a search query, voice search gives only one answer to the users from the best one. So, the key is to make the content as relevant as possible to the search engines for the specific query. The other thing you can do to help Google understand your content is to use structured data markup. It helps you to create meta data for your contents that tells Google bots what it’s about. Although structured data markup doesn’t affect the ranking it can help you boost in a voice search results.

Want to optimize your website for voice search but don’t know where to start, Albuquerque SEO Company can help you.

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