Is Your Business Different Enough?

Just because you’re good at making something or doing something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be just as good at the business of providing that product or service. You can engage the services of the best SEO company in Auckland and give yourself a huge head start in making your business visible through data-driven digital marketing – but is your product and service viable in the first place? Does it genuinely meet a need in the market? Or is it just the same as every other product (or service) and therefore, just another brand in an already crowded market?

One of the key reasons why new businesses fail is a lack of differentiation. In other words, they don’t stand out in a packed field. So, as you strive to get your new business off the ground, you need to identify your point of difference as the one thing that will make potential customers come to you instead of your competitors. To help you pinpoint this one crucial thing, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your business fill a big gap in the market? If so, you have a product or service unlike anything else out there, which is a great selling point.
  • Do you specialise in a field that others don’t? Particularly good if yours is a service business.
  • If you’re in a service business, do you have specialised knowledge in dealing with difficult or uncommon situations that others can’t?
  • What special steps do you take to guarantee your product or service is superior to your competitors?
  • Do you follow a process that is unique to you to achieve great results?
  • While your product or service might be similar to your rivals, is there something about your after-sales service that sets you apart?
  • Is your guarantee more comprehensive or longer than your competitors?
  • Do you sell sustainable or environmentally-friendly products? This is an increasingly important consideration for consumers across all generations.
  • Do you have exclusive rights within your region to sell a particular product?
  • Do you have add-ons?
  • Do you offer “how-to” guides, workshops, webinars or any other form of training to allow your customers to get the most from your products, or as a value-add for your services
  • Do you have a fast turnaround on your services compared to your competitors?
  • Are your business hours longer than others?
  • Do you have an after-hours call service answered by a real person?
  • Do you ship your products faster than others?
  • Can you guarantee that delivery time?
  • Are you cheaper than the others?

We could go on, but we’ve asked enough questions to make one thing clear: it is possible to differentiate yourself from your competitors. FedEx became famous for delivering overnight, Avis became famous for trying harder, and Apple became famous for its in-store experience. We know this because they marketed that famous selling point. What are you going to be famous for? It’s something you must identify as you become established in the marketplace and it’s just as important that your SEO company markets that Point of Difference to the world.