Is cold email marketing effective ?

Yes, cold email marketing is effective but depends on the approach and strategies. If cold email marketing is ineffective, then top companies will not use it. Many big companies are investing in cold email marketing because it is effective. Cold email opens a way for your business to reach a large audience.

You can convert a prospect to a customer if you draft a compelling cold email. However, the major challenge is that most startups don’t know how to create a workable cold email strategy. Read this guide of cold emailing to learn more.

Tips for a successful cold email marketing

Cold email marketing works, but your approach or strategy will determine its effectiveness. Check out the best cold email marketing tips below.

Research your audience

Before you draft a cold email, you need to research the market and audience. Before you start, you need to know who you are sending the cold email to. Understand your target audience, find out what they need, and the kind of product they will need. Check if your product and services align with their interest. Your research should include their age, location, etc.

Keep it short and sweet

Drafting a cold email is not difficult if you understand what ingredients you need to add. Writing an essay will seem boring to a prospect. Studies have shown that short, cold emails are more effective compared to lengthy ones. Longer emails are better when you have gotten feedback from the prospect.

Personalize your cold email

Customizing the cold email to suit your prospect is very important. Sending a generalized email annoys prospects. Most don’t delete it when they notice it’s not personalized. One of the tips for customizing a cold email is to mention something you have in common with the prospect. Meanwhile, you can use the prospect’s first name in the introduction.

Provide value

Every cold email should offer value to the prospect. Let the prospect know the gains of using your services without garnishing it with lies. Unfortunately, some companies send cold emails with promises of services they cannot offer. Meanwhile, you can offer information that you perceive your prospect may not know. Show them you are knowledgeable about the sector or Industry.

Follow up

After sending your first cold email and you don’t get any response, then it’s time to do a follow-up. Follow-up should be timely and not seem like you are bugging the prospect. Most often, the prospect may not take note of the first email until you do a follow-up. Therefore, politely remind the prospect that you had sent an email before and you are just doing a follow-up.


A cold email is an effective way to carry out your marketing. Meanwhile, cold emails are not only used by startups, but big companies use them. Cold email marketing is cheaper, and you are likely to get immense results if you draft your email well. Don’t be tempted to write an essay because it will not yield the desired result.