Instagram: the benefits of social networking

It is generally accepted that Instagram users are divided into 2 categories: some are trying to sell something, while the others are continuously uploading photos of children and cats. But, if you look closely, you can find a lot of useful things on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look together.

Inspiration – Instagram is about beautiful pictures. If you are sad, you want beauty, style and visual pleasure – go to Instagram. Here you will find ideas for a fashionable look, and look at how to rearrange the furniture at home, and choose a manicure option. By the way, you can add your favourite posts and sort them by topics.

Consultations – You won’t believe it, but on Instagram you can get a bunch of different free consultations. It has everything from doctors to art historians. And most of them have useful accounts, share information and answer questions. Of course, you won’t be diagnosed on the Internet and they won’t prescribe a medicine, but at least you can talk to them through Instagram DM, and they will orient you to whom to contact.

Contests – Various contests are constantly held on Instagram. And believe it or not, but you can really win in them. The main thing is not to overdo it, and do not turn your account into a collection of all contests in a row. The organizers do not like such accounts and do not award prizes to them.

Mentor: get the maximum advantages of this platform

In relation to business, it is a more experienced entrepreneur who helps start-ups to establish sales, and build strategies, sharing their knowledge. Mentors can be found for any life situation: finding a husband, getting out of depression, monetizing a hobby. And the most interesting is that your mentor may not even know that he is your mentor. It is quite possible that you just need to read his Instagram account, be inspired and motivated by the stories that he shares in the posts, and the answers that he writes in the comments.

Purchases – You can find a huge amount of very cool things on Instagram. Here are all showrooms worthy of attention, a huge number of handicrafts, and in general everything that may come to your mind.

Why is the new Instagram algorithm useful for users?

The number of accounts in Insta is growing every day, and the amount of content is increasing. If before the average user had no more than a couple of hundred subscriptions, now this figure is much larger. All this leads to reduced coverage. That is, the user simply does not see all the new publications in his stream. In fact, the amount of useful content in the top has increased significantly.  You can also buy instagram followers here.