Instagram and Your Options for The Best results

The use of influencers by companies through social networks is the order of the day, which is why we found it interesting to develop this post, throughout which we provide you with a series of “tips” to select with Critically and appropriately, the person you want to put in front of our “influencer marketing” campaign. From sharemyinsights you can have the best choices with insights and more.

Quality Vs Quantity

  • Importance of “quality” in relation to “quantity”, that is, the ability of the influencer to influence the purchase decision of a large number of his followers.

In addition to quality, select from those with the largest audiences. In doing so, you can draw attention to your content, thereby helping to broaden the impact and reach of your message, and create conversation.


Set the influencer according to the target audience and related to the interests, points of view and objectives of the brand, since it is useless that the audience is large, if it is not aligned with the brand’s audience. In other words, the more aligned the product, the influencer and the potential consumers are, the more likely it is that the campaign will resonate more and become a success.


An effective influencer must be active in their posts, and whose fans are loyal to follow each of their posts. If it is continuously updated you have the possibility of achieving maximum engagement with your audience.


It should be taken into account that these influencers will be an extension of the brand, therefore, it is important that you analyze what type of topics it covers and what type of content it shares.


It must be a person with leadership capacity and recognized by its audience, so that it has the power to influence and persuade them, to expand the knowledge of the brand.


It is essential to analyze the commitment and affinity that the influencers’ audience has with the publications they produce on their accounts, to know if their followers actively interact with the published content.


Different social networks have different personalities and functions. Therefore, one of the aspects that we can evaluate in an influencer is that they actively talk about those interests that their brand wants to impact on the appropriate channels.


Seriousness and commitment is part of the success of your campaign. It is necessary to refute it through the communications that your influencers maintain, since the lack of these two aspects can damage their brand image.


Do not forget the importance of content marketing and the high component of creativity in campaigns. To get results, let the influencers offer you their ideas and don’t forget that they know their audience better than you, since they are their followers.

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