Inbound Marketing for Retailers – Grow your Dubai Business

What is Inbound Marketing?

To accurately answer what inbound marketing is, it’s necessary to first cover what it isn’t. Inbound marketing is not the traditional marketing you’re used to. Traditional, or outbound marketing, is like casting a wide net and hoping to catch a few fish. Inbound marketing is like casting a line with a lure. It draws people to you.

Effective inbound marketing happens when you leverage a digital marketing strategy to organically reach your target audience and draw interested, qualified leads to your business. By understanding your target demographic, you can reach people that would already be interested in dining with you. You can do this via content marketing like blogs and articles, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.


In the retail business, the most valuable content is blogs. Blogging is an incredible asset for retailers since it engages and educates prospective or existing clients in your image in any event, when they’re not in the store. It’s likewise an instrument to set up your image as an industry head, and in this manner establish trust. They will feel confident about your store and products after seeing how much useful content you post, and they will feel sure about your products after reading about them. You will in the long run build loyalty.

Advanced Content Marketing

Apart short-form content like blogs, emails, and social media posts, you can create long-form content that discusses topics more in details. These could be eBooks, whitepapers, guides, or other posts. While blogs are shorter—usually 500-600 words—these longer forms of content start at a thousand words and can go up to several thousand words.

Email Marketing

Email advertising is regularly utilized by organizations to stay in touch with their leads and customers. For retailers, it can be used to offer coupons and different motivations, alert planned or existing clients of a forthcoming deal and draw in the individuals who have relinquished their web-based shopping cart without making a purchase. Sending smart messages is an opportunity to show your leads that you comprehend their interests, needs and purchasing habits. Inbound marketing resources enables you to send messages customized to explicit customer types, similar to leads, loyal clients, clients who regularly purchase sweaters, and so forth.

Social Media Marketing

Plain and straightforward, social media marketing is indispensable to a marketing plan, enabling you to get the message out about your store far and wide. Social media platforms were designed for discussion, and all things considered, they open up unlimited lines of communication between your brand and your clients.

Apart from emails, you should likewise offer coupons and deals through social media. HubSpot revealed that 58 percent of Facebook clients expect selective ideas from business pages—all things considered, it makes following your brand worthwhile. Getting great deals makes clients upbeat and they will at that point partner that satisfaction with your brand. Additionally, they may share their positive buying experience with a companion or relative, urging them to follow you, as well.


In today’s economy, many retailers aren’t recording sales as expected and also struggling to get new ways to generate new leads and retain their existing customers.

An inbound marketing plan can help both brick-and-mortar and online stores put their products on the map, and start a conversation with their customers that they will be excited to engage in.

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