In what ways SEO is Beneficial for your Website

As there are more than 1.2 billion websites, so it becomes challenging to draw a modest amount of traffic from the search engines. You can never get a decent amount of web traffic without the help of London SEO, and especially when you are just a beginner in this industry. 

Running an e-commerce website without SEO tools is not fruitful anymore. UK SEO services will help you to make it to the first page of Google or on top of the first page. Four things need to be taken care of when you are concentrating on an appearance on the web page. They are Google Page speed insights, Keyword planner, webmaster tools and Google analytics. 

Useful SEO tools: 

  • Google Page Speed Insights

Purpose: Check responsiveness, performance, and speed

This tool helps to check the loading time performance of an URL for both desktops and mobiles. This will also give you user experience scores and will identify areas of improvement for you. The mobile results will also provide you with grading areas like tap targets, font size, etc. This tool is a must-have if you want to track the bounce rate and ensure its elimination. 

  • Google’s Webmaster Tools        

Purpose: Comprehensive site analysis

Google webmaster tools like Fetch as Google help you understand how Google sees your URL. This is useful to analyze SEO performance and to identify trouble areas. These tools can also help you identify problematic codes in case your site gets hacked. These tools will also help new users to understand the fundamentals of Google search, all at no cost. 

  • Google Keyword Planner

Purpose: Follow keyword trends

Enter a keyword into this tool to find all sorts of necessary information and stats (monthly search volume, competition, better alternatives, etc.) so that the keyword strategy is perfect. You need to decide for yourself if you need to invest in this tool. It depends on how good your SEO is without this tool. 

  • Google Analytics

Purpose: Comprehensive insight to web stats

We all know about Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks almost all the traffic on your website and provides keywords insights such as which terms are mostly used to reach your webpage.

Surviving without Seo services is almost impossible to thrive in this market of digitalization. Investing in London SEO is not only worth it but necessary after a point of time.