Improving search engine optimization (SEO)

Imagine that you chose to start a business, yet you didn’t post a sign on your front entryway. You did not enlist your number in the telephone index, and you didn’t tell anybody where you were found or what you sold?

If you are online with a web site today and don’t utilize search engine optimization (SEO), it is much the same as not telling anyone about your business.

When done the right way, SEO can increase your visibility to the prospects who are looking for your business today.  Anytime they use certain terms or phrases to search Google, Bing, Yahoo or other sites they can discover you with the right SEO plan.

How do I do SEO?

There are a series of steps involved for best SEO practices.  The following is a quick summary for your reference:

Optimize Your Website

There is unquestionably more to SEO than packing in keywords and phrases, truth be told, this old-school way to deal with SEO is never again successful and can even cause your site to be penalized. Pertinence and page quality is undeniably far more significant today.

There are various aspects of your site that can be optimized based on their specific functions. For instance, what should be enhanced on your blog entries will contrast in certain regards from factors for landing pages.

A competent firm will work with you on the following:

  • Blog Posts: They will enable you to identify what type of blog content is working best to pull in visitors and drive traffic, and assist you with making your business blog entries compelling and engaging. If you need, they will provide SEO optimized web content for you.
  • Landing Pages: They will work with you to create pages that convert better by measuring and optimizing your landing pages for success. This should include comparing pages against each other to see which performs best. They should also track progress over time, and see what offers are most effective.

Analyze your target audience – They will help evaluate audience demographics and the websites that they visit occasionally.  Develop an initial list of keywords and phrases that would be used by your target audience to find your business online.

Review analytics reports – Using online analytics reports, you can determine what key terms and phrases are currently being used to find your business and look at new opportunities that your competitors or other sites might be using.  This also gives you a good perspective on where your search ranking is today.

Implement SEO phase one – Modify the content and keywords on your business web site so that the recommended SEO terms and phrases are utilized. Observe after a few days and monitor the results through the online analytics tools.

Tuning SEO – On a regular basis you should generate blogs, white papers, articles, and social media posts that leverage the SEO terms.  Watch the analytics reports to see how your rankings improve.  Also review the analytics as new terms or phrases surface.

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