Important things to know about the Ronin gimbals


In the world of technology, everything has been developed a lot. Nowadays, many pictures and images come in various colors and dimensions because of the modern and unique cameras. In the film field, ronin is an essential one. It is the type of camera slightly more compact, and its weight is just 6.6 lbs kilograms. It is one of the professional ones and in recent time it is highly recommended. Nowadays, it is available with combo kits also. Now let us discuss and get some additional knowledge and details about this in the following sections.

The specialty of this model:

Ronin-S 2: Specifications



Ronin-S 2
Weight 1.3 kg
Payload 4.5 kg
Design Carbon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy
Titan Stabilization Yes
Mechanical Axis Lock Yes
In-Built Screen Yes
Wi-Fi Transmission Yes
Battery Life 12 Hours
Charging Time 1.5 Hours
In-Built Focus Wheel Yes
3D Focus Yes
Image Transmitter RavenEye, ActiveTrack 3.0
Foldable Dual Handle Yes

Already DJI is releasing various new models all around. But this ronin-s 2 is the most special one and now officially available in the market also. It is one of the unique products, and many people are still happy using this model. This model has come with new features and various improvements, and so it is a more stabilizing system, and it becomes significantly more substantial, lighter, and smarter. This model is looking pretty amazing, it manages to get lightweight, and it is comfortable to capable of carrying the camera doing its thing for more than 14 hours on a charge.

This line has been redesigned and remodeled with various improvements with the two different models, and it is appealing for the filmmaker. This one is created to be more comfortable, and it is fitted with a mirrorless camera and more compact camera operations. The frame of this camera is made with carbon fiber, and its weight is just 2.86 pounds. So it is effortless to transport and balancing the camera payload. More than that, a new supersmooth mode is also available that provides more stability for the camera and focuses the longer length much accurately with 100mm.

Get a better result from it:

In recent days this Ronin-S 2 is the trend in the market level. It is made of portable and foldable design, so it is easy to transport. Now, these models are available from authorized retailers and also on the DJI website. You can easily purchase the models, and in their combo pack, more additional accessories are also included. The price of this model is also is affordable and reasonable. Because of this affordability and extra features, many people are going for this model. So don’t miss this fantastic model for any reason. Try to convey with others positively.