Importance of WhatsApp and Text Recruiting Software

In today’s job environment, getting top-notch employees requires one to be strategic and highly creative. Considering the talent market, recruiters need to incorporate innovative approaches to connect to the best job seekers. To achieve this, the features of text recruiting software come in handy. This software enables recruiters to have personalized communication with job seekers and improve the response interval. With increased engagement through this software, recruiters can realize the most responsive and successful job recruitment process compared to other tactics. A few years ago, WhatsApp came into existence, and today, the application has undergone an upgrade that makes it one of the most appropriate platforms to conduct business communications. WhatsApp guarantees users the privacy and safety of their text messages owing to the encryption feature that allows access only to the account user.

Using WhatsApp for Text Recruiting

Because smartphones are rapidly gaining influence, many people are signing up into WhatsApp. This Facebook-owned messaging and video conferencing software is proving to be the feature of most businesses as it provides the necessary tools required to undertake different activities. WhatsApp group feature can make it easy for recruiters to connect with all job applicants at once without wasting time sending each short message concerning job recruitment. Additionally, while addressing any arising issues, the WhatsApp group is fundamental as repetition is not in the picture—all members added to the group can access information immediately. It therefore fastens and eases the hiring process.

Tips for Text Recruiting

The following are ways of getting hold of potential job candidates using text recruiting. Consider following them to the latter to achieve higher success rates in hiring new workers.

Texting for Follow-Ups

Most organizations prefer using platforms such as emails to engage with candidates of which is good. However, to achieve the highest success rate in hiring the most preferred candidates, recruiters need to compliment any existing communication model with text messaging. In circumstances where the information is lengthy, it is convenient to use the most appropriate messaging means and remember to prompt the candidates to direct them to receive that particular message.

Incorporating Links and attachments

For professionalism and portraying the right picture, the recruiting company must include links to their webpages or job posting. With this move, the candidates can speedily act based on the information fetched through the link directory.

Text Cautiously

As much as text messaging is convenient, it is advisable to craft messages sparingly. Some candidates, especially the older folk, may find text messages annoying or even invasive. In this case, recruiters need to consider a raft of factors while engaging with such kinds of professional candidates; including getting consent to keep sending messages.

It is without a doubt that text messaging is a game-changer in raising potential candidates’ spirits to submit applications for vacant job positions without backing off from the offers. Additionally, keeping a database of both approved and rejected applications can inform the unlucky candidates of consideration during the upcoming hiring process.