How will I get the consideration for the products sold through Ebay?

Dropshipping is a term that we could translate as something like dropping packages and refers to a system that allows us to market items through a catalog, without the need to invest in them. While selling on ebay there are some considerations that you can have.

It works in the following way:

  • The customer buys the product through your online store, or an eBay-type platform.
  • The supplier receives the order and makes the shipment.
  • You receive the proportional part of the sales, and the end customer does not have to know who your supplier is.

You are interested, right? And this system allows you to save on initial costs, you will not need to have a warehouse or a stock system, and it helps you have time to dedicate yourself to what really matters: which is to disseminate your articles through of the network. Ebay is a well-established marketplace that helps you to get this spread. You will save a lot on advertising, since the public already knows this website.   Here’s how to get started with eBay.

Registration process

First of all, it’s time to register. You can do it directly through this link.  As a professional seller you will have to mark the professional account option and provide the pertinent information (CIF, company name, contact forms?).  It is also possible to use an existing account and upgrade it to a professional one. Maybe you can save a lot of time that way.

Contact with the products

Once you have your account active, it is time to upload products. What do you still not know what to sell or how to get suppliers? You can go directly to the end of this guide to see some tips that will help you with this. If you already have the articles ready, then you will find that there are 2 ways to upload them:

Manual:  That is, one by one, with their titles, description, characteristics and the maximum amount of information possible.

Automated:  This will be possible as long as the external provider provides you with a system to do it, such as a csv file. This way is the fastest, and it is that even the images are synchronized.

However, automated uploading also requires work: it is not interesting to have the same descriptions and titles as the competition. You’ll have to give it a spin nut to see that you can modify and look unique items.

Payment method

Do you already have the uploaded articles? It is time to decide which payment methods you are going to accept. We are talking about Dropshipping on eBay, so the PayPal payment system must be accepted yes or yes; And it was bought by eBay quite some time ago, so buyers are going to expect to pay that way. In addition, PayPal gives guarantees to both the seller and the buyer; in the event of a dispute, it is usually fairly impartial. Also implement other payment systems, such as bank transfer. The more possibilities your client has to make the payment, the better.