How to use wordpress Google Doc?

Automattic is the one who created WordPress and they recently released addons for google docs that is this add on is based on drafting and publishing of the poststo wordpress from googledocs. This may be a misleading one as the feature which is available is for the sites of self-hosted WordPress with the help of plugin named as jetpack. So, it can be said the person who is using WordPress can use this tool.

More than 60% of people who are involved with the content business use WordPress. What the main benefits of Google Doc in draft as compared to WordPress.

  • Collaboration: one of the best features of this Google Doc system is to share and collaborate edit documents. Even for the users outside the ecosystem its very simple. Even multiple people can edit, and contribute the same content with the user’s permission.
  • Simple for the users: Google Docs works similar to Microsoft Word but in an easier way. This even has a function of cloud so it can even get easily saved when writers are done with there content editing. The content history is also provided by Docs notes.
  • Security: multiple people have asses to edit the content that doesn’t mean that the content can be stolen. Only one person has full asses to this who will like to share the content with and how. The editing and written thing can be done in the Google Doc and can even be saved in WordPress but only by one person. WordPress Google Docs is very easy and safe to use.

Installing the add-on 

You need to install and connect this with the WordPress account before using the add-on. Then you need to open the account of WordPress for Google Doc add-on page and then you need to select the free installation of add-on. In the new windows, a new Google Doc document will open and then you have to provide the permissions. Then you will see continue and the allow click on then to give the permission and to install the add-on.

Connecting with the WordPress website: 

After the whole process of intellection is done then you need to connect the website with the Google Docs. For this, you have to select the menu of Add-on which is in Google Doc and then select the WordPress for the Google doc and then click on the open button. In the sidebar, you will see an add-on. Then select the authorize button to permit to process.

In the new account, you have to open the WordPress account you have. You will see a drop-down list of all the website, there you have to select your website from the list which is connected to the WordPress account. Then you need to select your website and then click on approve to give permission.

  • In the Google Doc, you will see your authorized website when the window will close. If you want to add some other website of your then you need to click on the Add WordPress site which is there at the bottom of the sidebar and permit it. If there are many more websites then you can repeat the same steps.
  • The self-hosted website authorization is the same as the add-on website. You just have to make sure that the Jetpack plugin is installed and even activated and then you have to give permission.
  • WordPress Google Doc is related to each other and it’s very easy to use. All the content writers or developers are mainly deepened on this only. There is no problem with the security or fear of content lost.