How to Track a cell Phone Location without Installing Software?

Since the technology has evolved it has come up with numerous inventions and if I may say that cell phone technology is the greatest piece of technology of all time than nobody will be able to negate this argument. Today, we all knew that every person owns a mobile phone device including kids, tweens, teens, adults, business professionals, and even the older ones.

Due to immense bombardment of digital devices over a couple of decades, today people are looking forward to track a cell phone location of someone to keep an eye on the target person and as well the activities they perform on mobile devices. Therefore, tech –geeks have struggled a lot to create such kind of tracking software for gadgets to track the exact location of the user and further enable to monitor activities as well. Now people wish to do surveillance on their target device without installing the software.

Is it possible to track a mobile device location without installing software?

Usually, it only depends upon what sort of mobile device you going to track in terms of the operating systems. If you have an iOS device then you can spy on the device location remotely and without installing the software. You just need to procure iCloud credentials of the iPhone device and then put it to the software’s control panel. However, when it comes to android tablets or handset you won’t be able to do it whatsoever.

Initially, you need to have best spy apps for android phones and then you need to initially install it on the target device and once you have done it successfully you will be able to track target device location without installing monitoring application. Therefore, in my opinion, technology still has to achieve plenty of miles stones yet to discover someone’s mobile location without using high –tech tool. Therefore, you need to forget it and you should install the best location tracker software on the target device.

Install cellphone tracking software to monitor the location

Simply get your hands on the best tracking app for mobile gadgets running with android operating systems in particular by visiting the webpage of the surveillance app for tracking phone location. Now you need to get a subscription with the accordance of your target device operating system. Besides, you will get the credentials through an email sent to you. Now you have to get access to the targeted device and once you have got it then start the installation process. Complete the installation successfully and then set it up on the target device. Now you can have to use the credentials you have got to get access to the online control panel of the tracking software. You can use the following mentioned tools and you will be able to track the target phone location remotely.

Use GPS location tracker app

The end-user can simply get access to the web control panel of the cellphone monitoring software and you can get access to the target device and monitor real-time location using GPS location monitoring app.

Use location history tracking software

You can spy on someone’s location by tracking the target tablet location history in terms of weekly location history, daily location history and others alike.

Use Geo-Fencing

User can remotely track the location of someone by monitoring the target cellphone device and further you can create an electronic fence around the target gadget. It will empower the user to see whether the target device user has entered to the fence in real-time or left the fence via email notifications.


Mobile spy app is the best tool that empowers you to monitor someone’s cellphone location remotely and in –real-time. However, when it comes to tracking location without installing software is not possible yet.