How to Prepare for Changes in the Digital Marketing Industry in 2020

The new year is only a few weeks away, and marketers need to brace themselves for changes expected in the digital marketing industry. As you probably know, failing to adapt to the latest trend increases the risk of falling behind your competitors.

That said, here are the ways you should prepare your digital marketing strategy to ensure that you succeed in 2020.

Optimize for Voice Search

According to research, more than 50% of search queries in 2020 will from voice search. Optimizing for voice search is a smart way of increasing rand exposure, but you need to do more if you want to improve your conversion rates. You need to find a way that enables users to buy directly from your website using voice commands. By doing this, you save the time that the prospective client would have otherwise spent pulling out their phone to buy from your site.  The improved user experience can improve your conversion and client retention significantly. 

Invest in Marketing Technology

Marketing technology, also known as martech, is a growing trend that many expect to go mainstream in 2020. It is a collection of software services for businesses looking to improve the management of digital experiences, media, and supporting data. A standard martech suite comprises of CRM and a customer data platform (CDP). When implemented correctly, martech can give your business an edge over rivals since you understand the needs of your clients better. 

Besides martech, there will be an increased use of immersive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Although VR is currently the more popular of the two, AR is catching up and could surpass its counterpart by 2021. Large companies are already using AR – for example, IKEA uses this tech to show customers how furniture pieces would fit in their rooms before they purchase them.  

Get More Personal With Customers

In 2020, businesses will have to improve their relationships with clients to keep them loyal. For instance, marketers will focus more on private messaging apps to deliver customized messages to their customers. Another way to improve the bond with consumers is by advertising on WhatsApp, which is by far the most popular social messaging platform in the world. 

Lastly, social media will continue to be a reliable means of connecting to your customers. Since social channels are continually adding new features, it is critical for digital marketers to mark their presence on such platforms. 

Create Shoppable Posts

Every marketer knows the significance of social media in digital marketing. A considerable number of consumers discover products for the first time on social channels. These platforms are aware of this fact and made it easier for a brand to sell using social media. In recent years, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have made it possible to create ‘shoppable posts’ which are different from regular posts in that they contain tags and allow users to purchase products without leaving the social network.


The digital marketing industry is ever charging, and the ideas mentioned above are going to be crucial this coming year. Make sure that you implement them to avoid losing ground to your competitors.