How to make your website at the forefront of the search

The first step in e-marketing is to choose a professional e-marketing company to be a gateway to the success of your website, and through the Web Design Company, you can design websites and we will configure the SEO search engines on your site to ensure access to the first pages of the search engines. Strategies aimed at getting your site to the front pages of search engines that millions of people use daily to search for their information; This means that your website should occupy the lead in the pages of those engines, and this is a powerful tool to appear on your site and promote its activity, idea and brand.

Create your site on search engines and content marketing

1. Use exclusive content:

Where the famous search engine Google archives copied speech and thus your site will go back to the last pages if the content has been copied, so we advise site owners to use new content, and it is best to be in the mother tongue of the country in which the website is located, and this is one of the most important tips that helps your site appear directly First search engines.

2. The official website is compatible with other tablets:

Google has become distinguishing sites for compatibility with tablets, and thus if your site is compatible with tablets, this positively affects your site and officially helps your site to appear in the first search engines.

3. Design your site with all the information:

When designing a personal website that you want to appear at the top of the search engines, you must search for what your customers want, and it is better for the site to have all the questions that customers are looking for clearly, and thus many users will follow your site continuously.

Responsive design

Optimizing your website on search engines should keep your mobile traffic growing as your primary search visit. This is why it is essential to have a website with a responsive design. This means that your website will provide an easy-to-use mobile interface, just like a desktop machine.

Your website interacts with the type of device used and displays accordingly.

Google is moving to mobile first index format, which means it can display ranking based on mobile instead of

Desktop versions. If your website doesn’t include mobile design, this could negatively affect your SERP ranking. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s time to redesign it.


Configure your site on search engines In an effort to improve the privacy and security of web searchers, Google has reduced search results for websites that lack an SSL certificate. Their ultimate goal is to make all sites with HTTPS certificate higher than those without. If your website needs an SSL certificate, you can purchase and install the certificate at a low cost. The benefits outweigh not paying the fee because you have created a trust factor for Google that provides a better experience for your customers, which improves website performance.

How do you configure your site on the search engines?

You should choose Web Design, the best web hosting company, and configure your site on the search engines that you will use to host your site. This includes reputable hosting that has a lot of positive reviews and also includes choosing the right package. For example, the shared server has many other sites other than the servers dedicated to your site only.

But remember that there is a difference in price for each.

Design images with suitable sizes so as not to hinder your site’s loading speed:

The images component is a very important element in every website, but in many cases it is a reason that hinders the speed of the site

You should pay attention to this point.

Try to reach the golden equation that achieves quality for your website images, but with the appropriate storage space.

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