How to Keep Android Secure and Clean

Keeping Android phone clean and secure is easy if you plan to do it manually. Clean and secure Android phones has better performance and battery life. There are plenty of free Android apps and games available on play store, internet and third-party app stores like AC Market. Therefore, many people install them without thinking that those apps are useful to you or not. When those apps become useless, they stayed taking storage space and other resources. Those apps become major problem causing reduction or performance, storage space and many more.

You won’t get expected storage space and performance even after uninstalling all the unwanted apps and games. Uninstalling app may not remove all the related files. There are always junks remained that need to be manually deleted. That’s why Cleaning tools like Clean Master are so popular in Android devices. Those tools can effectively clean junk files to get more performance and storage space quickly. Normally Cleaning tools comes with extra features apart from cleaning junks.

You can try using NOX Cleaner since Clean master not available on play store. NOX cleaner has some ads that may be annoy for some users. However, its features and tasks are much more effective than alternatives available on play store. Below listed some of the major features available on NOX Cleaner. You can find out all the features by using this application.

Features of NOX Cleaner

Junk File Cleaner – This feature helps to get more storage by deleting junks. Junks may include caches, residuals from system and app updates, residual files of uninstalled apps, junks collected from social media apps, messaging apps like WhatsApp and more.

Antivirus – NOX Cleaner comes with real time virus scanner that can scan and find malwares, adware, online trojans, potential privacy threats and more. This is a one tap features where you have to click on scan button to secure your phone from those threats.

Memory Booster – Phone run slow when RAM and CPU is full. You can quickly clean RAM and reduce CPU processers to increase device performance quickly.

CPU Cooler – This feature can detect apps or tasks that drain power and cause CPU to heat. When CPU temperature rises, that heat dissipate through phone body. That’s why you phone feel hotter. This feature can close CPU intensive processers to bring CPU temperature down.

Notification blocker – This feature is useful when you have lots of annoying notifications. When notification panel full of junks, you may miss important notifications. You can block all unwanted notifications using notification blocker.

NOX Cleaner also available for Android TV. You can use Play Store TV or Amazon App Store to download desired cleaning tool for your TV box. If you are unable to find good cleaning application, you can use File linked or Aptoide TV. Those are the best available Android TV app stores that allows Android TV users to install any apk file they want for free. For more visit: