How to Choose Brand Name for Your Startup?

Alright, so you have gone through your idea multiple times. From scribbling on a paper to taking notes on Google Docs/ MS Word or even a tool like Trello if you are a pro techie. The next step is to give a name to your business, while a lot of businesses choose a content marketing agency for this. Here are key points to remember while creating a brand name for your startup.

  1. What are the key things your brand stands for?
    The first step is to go to the drawing board and list down all the things your brand will stand for, possibly one word each for specific description. Making a mind map or whiteboarding is notably helpful. Moreover, highlight the key descriptors or exclude the ones that are not the most striking. The surviving words should be your guide for choosing the name.
  2. Create don’t choose
    Is your brand into selling tangible products or digital goods known as internet marketing services? Irrespective, one should always create a brand name and not just choose from a few arbitrary alternatives thrown at you. After going through the drawing board stage, think of some words that portray those emotions, brainstorming with a team is always helpful. Using this method ensures that we are not choosing from random names but creating a brand name.
  3. Does it say something about the brand?
    Now you have some words that may represent your brand, take them through an emotion test. Think of what emotions these words carry. A great way is to seek external views, some interesting ones I would recommend are – view of a kid, a senior citizen, someone from the industry you operate, a potential target customer and a good wisher. List down the feedback as they will help you to create a brand name that will stay with you forever.
  4. Is it Easy to Remember?
    Trickle out the words that do not pass the previous test and bring the qualified ones to this level. Check how easy they are to pronounce and remember. If they are easy on the tongue and sound good while speaking, it will stand apart. After all, you want the brand to be a noun that connects with all your stakeholders. At this stage, we may also invalidate some words from the earlier stage and mix some random words which may be a combination of some of these words, that do not necessarily arise a particular emotion. These words are like a blank slate which become your identity with marketing muscle.
  5. Check the name availability.
    The last step is to check the name availability you need to do the following checks for absolute dominion.
  6. Domain availability. Ensure the web domain is available to be purchased. Since it is not expensive, one should immediately block the top choices, including a global one like .com and others like .in and platform domains like .io for the technology space.
  7. Trademark. Checking absolute legal rights is crucial, as once you start the business with a brand, you do not want legal obstacles to use it in any form.
  8. Search Test. A quick browser search will tell you if there is a brand that exists with such a word. Else, it may also convey if this word stands for anything negative.

You may take help from a content marketing agency or an SEO services firm to help with this process. These are professionals who can help you to create a great brand name that lasts forever.

Do let me know how your brand creation goes? Create something that lasts for generations and inspires everyone around you. After all, that’s what an entrepreneur does.