How to choose an SEO Company? 5 Simple Questions to ask!

When it comes to choosing a reputed firm to do SEO for your website, there are both positive and negative ends while hiring them. This article discusses the top 5 simple questions you should ask an SEO Company before you consider them!

  • Ask them on the philosophy of approaching SEO

There are a hell lot of Digital Marketing Companies in the industry. But it is imperative to figure out the best-in-class provider who delivers great results. To do so, you can ask them the way they approach SEO for the websites.

It will be ideal, if the company follows some of the mandatory strategies such as User Experience, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, etc.

  • Question them about the duration for the results

Effective SEO usually takes time. But if it is a well-experienced organization, they could handle it pretty-easy and bring out the best results in limited time! In general, a total of six months would be required for an expert firm.

With a healthy website which is free from technical issues, Google starts ranking it higher by generating more traffic. 

  • Mobile Optimization

Google considers the websites which are completely mobile-responsive and optimized. Make sure the SEO Company considers mobile-first index strategy to perform Marketing for your website.

  • Know how they conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research has been a crucial aspect of doing Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, ask them the way they do Keyword Research. Tools such as Semrush, Moz, Alexa will usually be helping them with this. Make sure they use any of these tools.

  • Ask them how they manage with Google updates

Google usually releases Algorithm or any such important updates on SEO. A well-mannered site should not remain prone to get penalized with these updates. Therefore, ask them on this.

Summing Up

These are some of the mandatory questions you should ask an SEO Company before hiring. If you find relevant and comfortable answers with them, you can proceed for the next steps.

Hope this helps!