How To Become A Reseller Web Host?

With a significant increase in the demand for service providers offering web hosting in India, Reseller Hosting has evolved as an excellent business avenue for people wanting to enter the web hosting industry. If you want to start Reseller Hosting in India but are not sure about how you can go about it, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide to help you launch a Reseller Web Hosting business.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a simple and cost-efficient way of launching a web hosting business. As a Hosting Reseller, you look at Reseller Hosting plans offered by large hosting companies. These plans include resources like RAM, CPU, etc., that are needed to host a website in bulk. You can use these resources to create smaller hosting packages and sell them to websites. Many reseller providers also offer white label hosting that allows you to create a brand and sell web hosting under your brand name without any mention of the parent company.

How to become a Reseller Web Host?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you become a Reseller Web Host:

  • Web hosting is a huge industry and every website has a unique hosting requirement. Make sure that you research the internet and define the market segment that you want to cater to. Try to understand the hosting needs of websites from the selected market segment, analyze competition, and create a business plan.
  • Learn the technicalities associated with web hosting. While you don’t have to be an expert, you need to know enough to create hosting packages and explain them to your clients.
  • Choose a brand name that resonates with what your business does and register it.
  • Think about how many clients you will be able to register with your brand immediately and choose a Reseller Hosting plan accordingly. You will also have to choose the OS (Windows or Linux). If your target clients need a Linux environment, then look for the best Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Determine the kind of packages you would want to create for your clients and price them competitively.
  • Create a website that allows you to announce your hosting business to the world.
  • Create a robust and responsive client support process. Remember, web hosting is technical and most site owners are not technical experts. Having a strong post-sales service team can be the differentiator between you and your competitors.
  • Promote and market your business by starting a blog, using online ads, creating a presence on social media platforms, etc. The follwoing video shows how you can market your Reseller Hosting business:

How To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business?

Summing Up

Most site owners are not concerned with if you are a hosting company or a reseller. If their site performs optimally and the queries are answered in time, they will continue buying hosting services from you. They might also refer other site owners to you.

Make sure that you choose your target market carefully and focus on creating customized plans by identifying the existing pain areas. The steps mentioned above should help you launch a Reseller Hosting business in no time. Good Luck!