How the Microsoft Surface has revitalized Windows?

Before Microsoft launched its Surface lineup, the Windows landscape has not been as vibrant as it is now. Instead, the monopoly of MacBook among the public plus the weakness of Windows 8 have made laptop manufacturers other than Apple failing to compete, especially for professional use.

Like Google with its previously Nexus series to illiterate the utopia of Android, Microsoft took the same route with its Surface lineup. While Nexus was replaced with Google’s own Pixel series, the Surface series have been going strong.

From the original Surface, Microsoft has released Surface products continuously since 2012 with continuous improvements on existing products and exploring new product opportunities.

One of the most known products in the Surface lineup have to be the Surface Pro. First released in 2013, the Surface Pro has reached its eighth generation now, named as Surface Pro X. Using the ARM architecture rather than the traditional x86, Microsoft is trying to make Windows more usable on mobile devices with these low-power chips.

Mobile alterations of the Surface also include the Surface Book and the Surface Laptop. While the Surface Book maintained the 2-in-1 design of the Surface Pro, the Surface Laptop is a one-piece device. However, both devices have major advantage to be used in a smaller space or on the lap without the hinge of the Surface Pro.

On the other hand, the Surface lineup has expanded to more than mobile devices but desktops. The Surface Studio and the Surface Hub are Microsoft’s ideal scenario of Windows for professional use cases.


The differences of Surface products

All the Surface products from Microsoft shares one philosophy – the use of touch screen. We are not unused to using our fingertips in managing on-screen controls, especially through the use of our mobile phones.

Therefore, the entire Surface lineup have touchscreen embedded. And Microsoft took touchscreen one step further with the Surface Pen and the Surface Dial.

The pen increases the accuracy when drawing on the touchscreen without the need to purchase expensive tablets from Wacom. On the other hand, the Surface Dial allows on screen control of customized aspects in design, including color and opacity.

Microsoft continuously increased the accessories available to the Surface lineup including a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and headphones.

Similar to what Apple is doing, Microsoft is building an ecosystem with its Surface products that targets Windows to the professional landscape that was dominated by Apple over the years.

With Apple as the imaginary enemy, Microsoft has brought product innovations that many have hoped for in Mac so as toattract the customers with such needs.

With the Surface Pro, ms office 365 download has created a tablet experience with fully fledged functionality of a desktop.And the users are no longer limited by tablet applications to do their work on the go.

The Surface Studio, on the other hand, enters the market as a unique product that allow drawing on the main desktop monitor. The flexible working space allows designers to illustrate or photo-edit whenever they want.

Other helpful factors

The Surface line is just a part of the larger Windows software program. Using Windows 10, Microsoft is looking to use this operating system as a long-term development project to continuously improve and update the system for a better Windows experience.

Not only are Windows 10 more tailored to touch responsive experience, Microsoft has dedicated to address all the previous problems in past generations of Windows as a holistic operating system that can be used across multiple devices, including tablets, desktops and gaming console.

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