How the Gaming Industry and the Gamers are Evolving

Putting so much time into a game is definitely not for all gamers. But what if your friends have a lot more time and all those nice items unlock? Activision takes advantage of this by offering the possibility to raise the tier level in one fell swoop. In order to go from tier 1 to 200, a total of about 20,000 $ Points must be purchased. There is a $ 200 price tag on that. Technically, this is also a micro-transaction, although it can actually be better referred to as ‘macro-transaction’.


Lootboxes again fall under the larger heading of ‘microtransactions’. As the term implies, it stands for making small expenses in games. Microtransactions have become less under a magnifying glass compared to lootboxes, although these small transactions can also receive considerable criticism .

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Relieving the gravel

This criticism mainly comes from players and is often related to the fact that in many games today there is a form of a progression system. No longer is all content in a game available immediately from the first minute. Games have been using a level system for years; players can rise in rank or level by playing the game and with each level, for example, new equipment follows. These include stronger Orcs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, faster cars in Forza Motorsport 7, or better weapons or weapon optimizations in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The Right Indication

This is a good indication of the difference between the countries, both the Gaming Commission and the Dutch Gaming Authority are critical and have directly or indirectly enforced that publishers adapt their games especially for the Belgian and Dutch market, but Belgium still takes a step compared to the Netherlands. further. Buying lootboxes or spending real money on virtual content is already out of the question, according to the Belgian gambling authority for the Netherlands this is not necessarily ‘wrong’, but it is if the content obtained can be traded. Now that the use of the lol smurfs 

The Game Publishing

Game publishers are of course not interested in the prospect of their games being regarded as games of chance by the practice of lootboxes, as a result of which the gambling legislation becomes immediately applicable. That means strict rules and, for example, the necessity of having a license or gambling license. So, several publishers reluctantly decided to adjust their games. EA remains tenaciously clinging to the loot boxes, for example in the form of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode from the FIFA football games. That is not surprising, because the company earns tons of money from players who spend money to put together their ideal football team. However, this could result in a lawsuit; The Public Prosecution Service in Belgium is already investigating the continued use of loot boxes by EA. Whether the Gaming Authority or the Public Prosecution Service will also take further steps remains to be seen. In any case, it is clear that this lootbox soap is far from over.