How the Data Converter Works in the Online Sites

Most of the websites that we find on the Internet have at least one purpose, one objective, a reason for being. Data conversion is one of the main reasons an ERP implementation project misses its release target, budget, or even both.

The conversion rate depends on our goals. Change your goal, and you will have a totally different ratio

Your ratio decreases if visits increase in a more significant proportion than conversions. Although now you have more conversions than before (for example, double), since you have many more visits (let’s say four times more), the ratio has dropped (check the accounts, and you will see that now it would be half as before).   Use of the High bandwidth data converter is proper there.

There are seasonal conversions. Depending on the time of year we are in or the momentary offer you can offer, your conversion rate can change radically, but it is a temporary effect. There is no ideal conversion ratio. You have to compare it with someone else. I have recommended you compare it with the sector in general, but obviously, this is your own decision. If you decide to compare yourself with your direct competition, the ratio may be different. If your competition changes, the ratio will change again. It is somewhat unstable, volatile.

As you can see, the conversion ratio only gives us a skewed photograph of the quality of our website. We have to consider all the numbers we have (including, obviously, conversions and visits in absolute values) to assess and decide. When we are aware of its limitations, we can really exploit it and make it work in our favour because we will really understand what is happening and what the figure before us is telling us.

A / B Testing as a methodology to improve our conversion rates

A / B Testing is a methodology that allows us to compare two versions of the same website and see which one works better.

If you are interested in improving your website’s conversion rate and you want to do it by implementing this methodology, the smartest thing to do is use an A / B Testing plugin or tool. Personally, we recommend the WordPress plugin that we have developed: Nelio A / B Testing. With it, you can create multiple versions of your pages and content and see which of them gives you higher conversion rates. If you are more interested in this topic, let us know in the comments, and we will cover it in more depth in future blog posts.


All websites exist for a reason, and they have a purpose. When a visitor meets the objective of our website, we have a conversion. Knowing this, we have seen that the conversion ratio is nothing more than the number of conversions between the number of visitors. The best thing about the conversion rate is that it is a simple metric to understand and easy to obtain, although you have to be careful because it only tells a (small) part of the story.