How SEO And Website Hosting Are Connected?

If you want to improve the visibility of your website in the search engine results, you need to take a holistic approach. Unfortunately, most of the website owners take a compartmentalized approach to online marketing and that is only allowing them to enjoy partial success.

As far as good search engine ranking is concerned, you should understand that everything is connected and you cannot build your brand visibility just by getting few back links or by posting a few articles.

Good SEO practice starts with selecting the right domain name and the best website hosting UK has to offer. Are you wondering how domain name or website hosting are connected to SEO? Let us explore further to understand the dynamics between these factors.

Google monopolizes the search industry and among the two hundred parameters the search engine uses to rank the website, Google gives better ranking to websites that have the keywords in the domain name. When you are selecting your domain name, try to incorporate the most important keyword to take advantage of Google’s ranking algorithm.

When you work with the best local SEO agency UK has to offer they could shed more light on how to select your domain name. Most of us approach the SEO companies after launching our websites. This is a totally wrong approach and you tend to benefit better when you approach your SEO company before you start building your website.

The next important aspect for you to focus upon when you are working on improving your brand visibility in the search engines results is the right hosting solution. Search engines keep track of the total time visitors spend on your web pages. The presumption that the leading search engines operate on is that if a visitor spends more time in your website then it is an indication that they find your website relevant to the search that is made and this will make the search engine algorithm to rank your website better for those keywords. The reverse is also true. If the visitors leave your website quickly then the search engines take that your website is not relevant to the search that is made which makes the search engine algorithm to rank your pages low for the respective keywords. If you host your website on a poor server, your websites will load slowly and most of the internet users do not have the patience to wait for your web pages to load and they will leave your website even before it fully loads. This will reduce the total time each visitor spends on your website. This could get your website ranked low.

Further to that, Google uses another metric called page speed score. Websites that have poor page speed score are pushed down the search results. One of the major reasons for poor page speed score could be that you are using a slow server and it is taking a long time to load your pages. By selecting a high-speed server for hosting your website, you will be able to get better search engine ranking.