How Lamon Luther Used Expivi’s 3D Configurator Software to Boost Sales

Lamon Luther company presents customers with authentic wood furniture products handcrafted from real top-quality hardwood that will last a long time. Lamon Luther craftsmen guarantee the sustainability, longevity, and customization of products that will satisfy clients’ expectations. So, every cent fully pays for itself.

By visiting Lamon Luther’s online shop, you’ll be impressed with the variety of products: you will find custom wood tables, table tops, sitting, living, paneling, and other housewares that will come in handy in everyday household duties. All these items will create a unique focus for your interior in general or for particular design detail.

Lamon Luther worries about its clients and strives to provide the best services and products by implementing such innovative and high-end options as a 3D configurator application. This software allows you to create custom and unique items that will satisfy the client’s home or commercial project ideas, and choose exactly those wood species, shape, size & thickness, table base, and top you’re looking for.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the final result, there’s an option to craft a table from scratch concerning the slightest details and preferences. Expivi’s 3D configurator is a perfect solution for business owners to boost their rating, conversion, and upgrade user experience when selecting a specific product.

What a 3D configurator does and how can it assist you in selecting an appropriate product modification? You can pick up wood species, its finish, table exact size, thickness, and its style, and customize it in a variety of options to match your unique needs. Thus, you’ll enjoy successful shopping because the product rendering on the website is identical to as if you examine it in real life. This means you’ll receive the product you selected previously on the site.

What are the major features the 3D product customizer ensures for a customer?

  • Accurate visualization by simulating the item’s color, shade, shape, and specific points to maximize the similarity.
  • Product personalization by giving an opportunity for a client to change the selected item as they want.
  • Increasing e-commerce efficiency due to the near-real look of a product before ordering it.

With its e-commerce approach, Lamon Luther company offers highly customizable wood tables, sittings, and other house items by applying an interactive 3D configurator supported by augmented reality technology.  This function is embedded in the website, so everyone can create a personalized product considering their needs.  What will you get as a result?  You’ll have the most realistic 3D image of the selected item, identical to the physical product when ordering.

Thanks to Expivi platform and its 3D product configurator, a customer will like a user-friendly interface of the Lamon Luther site and entertain a bit while designing a customized table or living.

What’s more, this superb option will benefit business owners too: the 3D configurator will bring considerable improvements both for physical shops and online stores. It’ll result in clients increasing, conversion rate and sales boost, and company’s profit growth.

All in all, a 3D product configurator is a win-win solution that brings an incredible technological upgrade to your business and sales boost. Moreover, clients will enjoy using it too because the 3D configurator assists them to decide what exactly they want and what it should look like.  So, Expivi did its best to craft engaging online shopping that will benefit both businesses and customers.