How important is it to buy insurance for your mobile screen?

Today, it is virtually impossible to work without a smart phone as most of your business happens either on a mobile call or through internet. It is estimated that a large chunk of global business happens on mobile phone; therefore protecting your mobile and smart phone should be one of your first priorities when you decide to own a phone.

The Smartphone screen is one of the first things that get damaged if you drop your phone from some height, creating an unwanted big expense on your pocket. The screen change of a budget Smartphone can cost for about Rs. 3500 and Rs. 15000 for a screen of a top-end Smartphone, apart from all the anxiety and chaos of running from one service center to another to get it repaired.

Therefore, it is prudent for you to buy insurance for mobile and smartphone screen repair from a reputed company like MCare to cover all your expenses and relieve you from all the anxieties and problems.

Is Smartphone protection plan very expensive?

No, all companies offering mobile and smartphone screen repair service do pricing in such a manner that it suits the pocket of every Smartphone buyer. These companies offer a host of plans, from which you can choose one that suits your pocket and the number of services that you desire.

In this regard, MCare, one of the leading mobile care service companies, has protection plans that are such designed that the buyer does not have to pay anything other than the plan money while he is relieved of so much stress that comes with owning a mobile or Smartphone.

Why people don’t buy Smartphone protection plan?

Most people in India are ready to spend thousands for a good Smartphone, but when it comes to insuring it for safety, they believe it to be a complete waste of money as they believe that they will neither damage nor lose their Smartphone to an accident.

However, if you talk to any mobile phone owner, he will confirm you of losing one or more mobile phones to damage or theft. So, when there are so many incidences of loss and damage, even then why people don’t buy protection plans.

  1. Don’t need it:

Most people believe that they will never need insurance for their mobile and that it is a complete waste of money.

  1. Smartphone protection pricing:

People believe that pricing of protection plans that are offered are very steep and not in accordance with the pricing of their smart phone.

  1. No services after payment of money:

Most people do not believe on the brochures of insuring companies. They believe that they will not get any services and that the amount paid will be a complete waste of money.

But now, if you are looking for a mobile and smartphone screen repair service, go no further. Just visit MCare and you will be convinced by their expertise and reviews of people who have availed their services into buying a protection plan for your mobile, and safeguarding yourself from untimely mobile repair expenses.