How Food Delivery Services Have Evolved Since the Pandemic Hit

Many people don’t realize this, but delivery services like DoorDash have been around for almost a decade now. They were launched in some of the largest cities because that’s where more people were likely to take advantage of them. Of course, they’ve grown and spread since those early days. Today, DoorDash alone has amassed more than 20 million regular users. It also dominates the food delivery market at this point. Since the COVID-19 pandemic knocked the world off its typical course, those numbers have surged significantly. Experts expect this trend to continue during the months to come.

Painting a Bigger Picture

Before the pandemic hit, the majority of consumers were in the habit of going out to dinner on special occasions or when the family chef just didn’t have the time or energy to cook. In some cases, they’d have the local pizzeria or Chinese restaurant deliver, but they mainly seized the opportunity to get out of the house for a couple of hours. Once the coronavirus made its grand entrance, though, things changed.

Thanks to worldwide lockdowns, going out to dinner was suddenly no longer an option. Without food delivery services, the public would’ve essentially been forced to cook or go hungry. Fortunately, companies like DoorDash were here to intervene. They broadened people’s horizons and, in truth, kept millions of people from resorting to a diet of cold bologna sandwiches and Ramen noodles.

Looking at the Figures

Lockdowns officially began in March, and that’s where things started taking a noteworthy turn. During that first month of the shelter-in-place mandates, DoorDash orders soared by more than 65 percent. In the beginning, the company served California’s Bay Area and encompassed about 70 restaurants or so. Now, they deliver throughout the United States and Canada and cover thousands of restaurants. More people than ever are searching for current DoorDash promotions and anticipating which new restaurants will be added to the mix.

Bridging More Gaps

In addition to its renowned and highly sought-after food delivery services, DoorDash now offers deliveries from a number of other places. Depending on the area in question, users have quite a few options to choose from. In some cities, the company’s Dashers pick up items from convenience stores and deliver them to people’s doors. Some grocery stores have also jumped on board, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart to name a few.

At the same time, DoorDash also delivers from other stores. Walgreens and CVS are a couple of the most popular. People aren’t able or willing to get out and about as they did before the pandemic. Still, medications, first-aid supplies, and other items remain as essential as ever. It only stands to reason DoorDash would deliver those as well. Dashers now even stop by Macy’s to pick up users’ last-minute Christmas gifts and deliver them to their doors.


It’s no secret that DoorDash is an essential business. When lockdowns were at their peak, this company kept millions of people from starving with its food delivery services. Even though many restrictions have been lifted at this point, people continue to see the value of having food delivered to them at home so they can eat takeout in their pyjamas. DoorDash has expanded into other markets as well, so their services are sure to continue to be vital moving forward.