How encryption of email affects email deliverability and data accountability

The deliverability of email newsletters and their effectiveness is a constant concern for all marketers and specialists who deal with customer communications. Every step in such a delicate matter as mailing is perceived with caution. This is understandable – there is a risk of losing existing mailing figures for active clients. That’s why some users who actively use electronic mailing in their business take their time to strengthen its security by performing algorithms encryption of email.

Is there a risk of losing customers?

Research proves that encryption provides a secure “transport corridor” but does not affect deliverability. Therefore, the use of any encryption method does not result in a change in deliverability – a loss or increase in the number of customers.

In fact, however, the use of encryption should raise mail deliverability. One of the unspoken rules of email services is to rank emails according to the trustworthiness of the source. If a million emails are sent from the same email address, it most likely gets blocked on the list of spam accounts. At the same time, scrambling the number of recipients from a verified address with the help of encryption is a sure way to increase the sending base. Therefore, encryption will do better than theoretical “harm” for maintaining the company’s mailing list of loyal customers.

The impact of encryption on company speed and data liability

Communicating with clients to a specific company employee or newsletter author will now become easier. All emails that are sent with encryption will automatically be reclassified as authentic. And the responsibility for data safety and protection is transferred to the service or a specific encryption service. Now different employees of the company do not need to execute any algorithms to encrypt messages with confidential information. A single encryption system ensures that all company employees

  • automate the multi-step process of routinely attaching and encrypting files before they are sent;
  • shift their attention to responsible tasks with a creative edge;
  • work faster because they won’t have to deal with encryption

Automated encryption will bring economic benefits and reduce inappropriate use of work time.

A single encryption system accelerates the work of the company’s employees to meet specific management objectives. And the care of data security is delegated to dedicated specialists.