How Does VPS Hosting Guarantee Account Isolation for Your Website?

Theoretically, Dedicated Servers offer maximum control over the hosting environment and have the best potential to provide an optimally performing website. That said, Dedicated Servers with adequate resources can be costly. Also, if your site outgrows the available resources, then scaling up can be time-consuming and expensive. This is where VPS Hosting services step in.

A web hosting provider divides a physical hosting server into multiple virtual servers through a server virtualization software called the hypervisor. These virtual servers have account isolation, complete root access, and dedicated resources, making them smaller versions of a Dedicated Server. Since numerous virtual servers exist on one physical server, companies offering VPS Hosting in India charge a low price for the hosting package. Hence, over the last decade, VPS Hosting has evolved as a preferred hosting service for websites. Today, we are going to discuss a specific feature of a VPS – account isolation and understand how a VPS guarantees this for your website.

VPS Hosting – Account Isolation

When the web host uses the hypervisor to create virtual servers, it partitions the underlying hardware. It also allocates resources like CPU, RM, etc. to each virtual server. Further, the hypervisor ensures that even if different virtual servers are executing the same software, it does not access the same physical hardware like RAM and memory caches. It also makes sure that any application running on one virtual server does not impact another server in any way, ensuring complete account isolation.

In VPS Hosting, the virtual servers share the same physical web server. Hence, account isolation is necessary to ensure that there is no interference in the performance of one website due to others. Account isolation allows site owners to customize their virtual server as needed for optimum site performance. It also adds to the security of the VPS; even if one virtual server gets hacked or infected, others remain unaffected.

Isolation using IP address

Since every virtual server has dedicated resources, complete root access, and account isolation, web hosts allot separate IP addresses to each VPS. It ensures further separation as it annuls codependency due to the IP address. In shared server plans where user accounts are not isolated, if one user sends unsolicited emails, he can get the IP address blocked, impacting all users on the server since the IP address is shared too. Hence, due to one user’s fault, the rest of the users on the server will also be unable to send essential emails. In VPS Hosting, since each VPS has an independent IP address, it helps in isolating users from each other.


Remember, account isolation is what makes a cheap  vps server function as a Dedicated Server. Hence, if you are looking for a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment at a lower cost, then a VPS Hosting plan is your best option. Further, account isolation also ensures better security of your account compared to most traditional hosting services. If you are considering moving to a VPS Hosting plan, then ensure that you research the options available to you and consider all aspects before buying. Good Luck!