How does Google calculate the quality of link building and backlinks?

Many times this question troubles many, “how to build backlinks through link building?” And although the ways are many, it finally comes down to how you do it. Some people hire the best link building agency around to boost their business while others do it manually. There are some ways of link building that search engines like Google count as fair. But there also are ways of link building that it considers to be unfair. So, on what basis does Google value the backlinks? We spoke to about it. It told us that many people still do not know that they are following decade-old methods. Google has upgraded, and thus this article.

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

How does Google evaluate link building quality?

Back in the old days (no, not when people used to study under lamps) when the internet was a novelty around, many search engines surfaced and soared from the waters. For example, there were Yahoo, JumpStation, Megallen, etc. And then came Google with its revolutionary idea on how to index and rank websites – backlinks. There was passion behind the work, but the engines were not strong. Google was at its infancy and people exploited it to the core. If were you present at that time, you’d find poor quality websites coming on the top results.

But then time changed, technology grew, and Google became stronger. It focused very much on how people are creating backlinks and how good are they for the users. There were big algorithm updates like Jagger, Penguin, Panda, etc. And when we look at things now, Google has grown like a giant brain. So, if you think that you’d be able to rank on SERP using old-age link building methods, step back. These can harm your website brutally. Look for a quality link building agency if you need help.

But what are these old-age link building methods that you must avoid?

Old-age link building methods that do not work anymore!

Google had announced a big update around backlinks because people were exploiting its engines. Companies and businesses would buy thousands of backlinks, very cheap backlinks, and then direct them to their core website. This led Google to believe that the core website has some weight and must be ranked higher. And this challenged the whole purpose of creating Google, “to help people get what they want and of quality.”

So, here are some methods of link building that you must avoid straightaway.

  • Link Farming – Link Farming was one of the most common ways of creating backlinks back then. Because all that people knew back then was that Google considers backlinks when deciding websites’ rankings, people started exploiting them. It was like, “do you count how many carrots we get from others to judge how famous we are? Alright, we will ask people to give us carrots in return we give to them.” Thus, link farming took birth. It was a consequence of greed and politics. People would create hundreds of websites and then link them to each other. There was some little cost, but the benefits were huge. says that link farming must be avoided at all cost. Any reputed link building agency will ask you to avoid it.
  • Directory – Back when the internet was new, people had no idea how to search things. So, people created directories to help people explore the internet. It was very similar to phone directories where people could look for phone numbers. There were many directory websites containing links to interesting websites. For example, you’d find a list of comic websites in the directory. But then time changed, but people failed to change. Link building through directory works no more.
  • Commenting – As we know that we love to exploit and look for short ways of gaining it all that could be gained. This same happened around link building too. Google said that it counts backlinks to rank websites, and Mr. Pokliwaka was like, “alright, I”ll drop the links to my website in the comments. I am very smart.” Know that doing this will not only be futile for you, but it will also hurt your website. This is a spam technique and no website gets to trick Google using this now.

So, these were some of the old link building methods that you must avoid straight away. We know link building is terribly tough. But it is to make the internet a healthy place for people. Take help from a good link building agency around you, but do not use blackhat methods.

How does Google assess the quality of backlinks?

So, we now know what we must avoid. But what is the path that we must follow? How should we do link building at the present date? After all, if search engines are telling what to avoid, they must also tell the methods one must follow.

Well, when we talk about link building, there are no link building methods recommended by Google. But Google sure does have revealed some factors on which it evaluates the quality of backlinks. The higher the quality, the higher the rank on SERP, said . Every expert link building agency breathes in these guidelines so people could be helped. Here are the factors that value how good or bad the backlinks are.

  • The DA and PA score of the website that is linking. Domain Authority and Page Authority speaks about how authoritative and expert a website is in terms of a given subject. For example, if your website is about sports and you get backlinks from ESPN, your website is going to shoot on SERP. Why? Because ESPN is a high authority website in terms of sports.
  • The niche of backlinks. In the older days, people would try to get their hands on any backlink possible. It did not matter if you are getting a link from a sports website, lingerie specialist, gambling, pharmaceutical, etc. You only had to get backlinks. But Google soon caught it. So, now, when getting backlinks, make sure that you get it from your business niche.
  • The age of the domain linking to you.
  • ccTLD, or Country Code Top Level Domain, is the country the domain is about. For example, .au, .in, .uk, etc. are country-level domains. Backlinks coming from Russia if your business is located in the USA is suspicious.
  • The number of referring pages – It means the number of pages that are linking to you.
  • The number of referring domains – It means the number of individuals linking to you. Getting 10 links from 10 high-quality websites is always better than getting 10 links from one website alone. It means that your link profile must be diverse.
  • Past record of the websites linking to you. If a website red-flagged by Google in the past links to you, it is not a good news. This is why it gets advised to get link building done from a reputed link building agency. It always turns out to be the turning point for a business.

These are some of the factors that you’d want to base your link building efforts on. At present date, link building is one of the prime factors that decide page ranking. Analysis shows that top websites on a SERP always hold more quality backlinks than those below them.

Success in the digital age depends on the efforts shown on a website. It is an investment that has become a necessity to thrive today.